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With more than 80 years of experience mapping, measuring, and modeling underground rock formations, Schlumberger Carbon Services has been a pioneer in the adaptation of proven technology to address the challenges of storing CO2 underground safely, reliably, and efficiently. Since the mid-1990s, Schlumberger has directed R&D efforts toward this new frontier, investing substantially to innovate, adapt, and patent technologies specifically for use in CO2 storage projects. Schlumberger Carbon Services is now involved in more than 80 carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects around the world. This participation, in many different geological contexts, enables us to address your varied challenges with a detailed understanding.

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Carbon Dioxide Storage

Optimized process for long-term CO2 storage.
Schlumberger Carbon Services manages a wide range of integrated services and technologies needed to select, plan, construct, operate, and monitor carbon dioxide storage sites.
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