As a technology company, our primary goal is to optimize reservoir performance for our customers using a wide range of products and services. With 25 research and engineering facilities worldwide, we place strong emphasis on developing innovative technology that adds value for our customers.

For more than 80 years Schlumberger has been leveraging knowledge to deliver solutions that improve performance, and increasingly we are applying our technical abilities in the design and engineering of products that can help our customers reduce their environmental impacts. Within our company, numerous performance improvements achieved through the application of our global Environmental Standard have brought significant advances, most notably in relation to waste and water management. Each year, as part of our worldwide environmental assessment process, more than 75 auditors assess over 750 locations using our rigorous Environmental Standard, which requires compliance with either local requirements or our often-more-demanding internal standards.

We are increasingly applying our technical abilities to the reduction of our environmental footprint, particularly in the design and engineering of our products. We have achieved numerous environmental performance improvements in our products along with reductions in resource consumption and decreased emissions at many of our manufacturing facilities and field operations worldwide.

We are also directing significant effort at increasing the accuracy of our emissions measurement, primarily by adding new data sources and by implementing more accurate systems for calculating fuel consumption, leading to new opportunities for better emissions management. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) recognized this work in 2012 with a disclosure score of 92, earning Schlumberger a position for the first time within the CDP Leadership Index.

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HiWAY* Fracturing Means Smaller Footprint

HiWAY Flow-Channel Hydraulic Fracturing Technique

HiWAY* Flow-Channel Hydraulic Fracturing—doing more with less in fracturing operations.

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