HIV/AIDS Awareness

UNAIDS and the World Health Organization estimate that about 34 million people are now living with HIV worldwide. Every year almost 2.5 million new infections occur, and 1.7 million people die from AIDS-related deaths worldwide. Some of our employees and their families are affected, and many more face the risk of exposure.

Schlumberger operates in approximately 85 countries, many of which are in areas most affected by HIV/AIDS, and the company is committed to raising awareness in the fight against the disease. Education about the disease is essential, and training is mandatory for all Schlumberger employees who are assigned to or visiting high-risk HIV/AIDS countries. Available in English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, the online training is based on the company’s Global Health Standard and provides information about the origins of the disease, its symptoms, how it is transmitted, and prevention measures. Local awareness-raising workshops for employees and their families are also organized.

In addition, HSE for Youth workshops on HIV/AIDS are led by trained volunteers using age-specific materials adapted by a public health expert with input from the Schlumberger international health coordinator. The approach is to provide education and training for young people who can then share what they have learned with their friends and families.

While our employees and their families are our first priority, we have also started to take our awareness campaign to high-risk communities where we have outreach relationships as part of an effort to share our health and safety practices externally.

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World AIDS Day Brings Awareness and Education

Education Aids Prevention in the Fight Against AIDS

No cure has yet been discovered—increasing awareness and improving access to prevention and treatment remains the most effective way to combat the disease.

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