Global Stewardship

Sustainable development at Schlumberger is rooted in a long standing culture of  environmental and social stewardship in the countries where we operate.  Read more about what we are doing around the world in our 2014 Global Stewardship report.

For nearly 90 years, our technological innovations have provided value for our customers by helping them increase production and recovery from nonrenewable resources—efficiently and with lower environmental impact. We strive to be a unifying voice for social and environmental stewardship in the communities where we—and our customers—live and work. Here, too, Schlumberger has a long and positive track record.

“Today Schlumberger is one of the most culturally diverse companies in the world, with men and women employed in over 85 countries, representing more than 140 nationalities. We encourage in each of you a deep sense of corporate responsibility and empower you to continue to help improve the living conditions of the thousands of communities where we all live and work,” says Chairman and CEO Paal Kibsgaard. 

The Schlumberger Blue Print—Our Identity summarizes our purpose, ambitions, values and the mindset we need to succeed. The Blue Print in Action—Our Code of Conduct is designed to help each employee handle business situations professionally and fairly. It explains how our actions reflect on the Company and how the Company is therefore the sum of our actions. It is designed to ensure that our employees embody the qualities of global stewardship by maintaining high standards of behavior wherever we operate.


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