2010—Today: The Integration of Technology

Timeline: 2010—Today

In this new decade, Schlumberger products and services are more relevant than ever, as E&P moves into more complex and environmentally extreme areas – especially offshore and in deepwater – and the search for unconventional oil and gas intensifies.

An unrivalled and undiminished commitment to research and development means Schlumberger is able to provide customers with the technology, analytical tools and expertise tailored to meet today’s technical challenges.

The company’s products and services enable improved efficiency, together with enhanced information flow and analysis. That means better reservoir characterization, more accurate and effective drilling.

Innovative products introduced in recent years are already making a big difference to our clients. The Dielectric Scanner service, launched in 2010, was the first in the industry to accurately quantify residual hydrocarbon volume, Archie’s exponents and formation cation exchange capacity (CEC), so reducing uncertainties and eliminating the wait for laboratory analysis.

LIVE digital slickline services, introduced in 2011, allow two-way digital communication using a slickline cable enabling tool and well information to be transmitted to the surface in real time. This advance enables oil and gas producers to manage well intervention and workover programs with increased knowledge, accuracy and certainty, reducing manpower requirements, saving time and cutting operational risk.

Schlumberger’s range also includes products designed for the expanding shale oil and gas sector, such as the OpenFRAC family of fluid systems for hydraulic fracturing, the HiWAY Channel Fracturing service, M-I SWACO’s ENVIROTHERM NT water-base drilling fluid and Smith Bits’ Spear shale-optimized steel body polycrystalline diamond compact bit./

Strategic mergers and acquisitions remain central to the company’s drive to offer a comprehensive package of products and services to customers. The merger with Smith International in 2010 widened Schlumberger's lead as the world's largest oilfield services company in terms of revenue and market capitalization. Smith and M-I SWACO technologies and expertise complement Schlumberger’s offerings, while benefitting from Schlumberger’s large geographical footprint.

The acquisition of Geoservices, also in 2010, expanded Schlumberger’s products and services in mud logging, slickline and production surveillance operations.

Schlumberger continues to build on its reputation for outstanding research through the geographical expansion of its R&D network. The 2010 opening of the new Brazil Research and Geoengineering Center in Rio de Janeiro and the opening, in 2011, of WesternGeco’s Penang Product Center in Malaysia reflect our desire to establish R&D facilities close to new hydrocarbons development areas, enabling the company to tap into new talent and tailor new products to specialized local conditions.


  • Inaugurates Brazil Research and Geoengineering Center in Rio de Janeiro
  • Introduces Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service; ACTivePS integrated coiled tubing and production services; and Quartet System, high-resolution pressure measurements and fluid samples for safer and more efficient reservoir testing
  • Paal Kibsgaard appointed chief operating officer of Schlumberger Limited
  • Completes merger with Smith International
  • Acquires Nexus Geosciences, a seismic support company
  • Acquires IGEOSS, a developer of structural geology software
  • Acquires Geoservices, a privately owned French oilfield services company specializing in mud logging, slickline and production surveillance operations
  • Acquires GeothermEx, a California-based global provider of geothermal consulting services
  • Introduces OpenFRAC family of fluid systems for hydraulic fracturing; HiWAY Channel Fracturing service


  • Acquires Framo Engineering, a privately owned Norwegian firm producing pumps, metering systems, swivels and other marine systems to the oil and gas industry.
  • Acquires ThruBit, a Shell Technology Ventures Fund company providing openhole logging services.
  • Inaugurates WesternGeco Penang Product Center in Malaysia to support global demand for geophysical services
  • Paal Kibsgaard appointed chief executive officer of Schlumberger Limited.
  • Launches LIVE digital slickline services, using a slickline cable engineered to deliver two-way digital communication for tool and well information to be transmitted to the surface in real time.
  • Starts first commercial use of Dual Coil Shooting multivessel full-azimuth acquisition in WesternGeco’s Revolution multiclient survey in western Gulf of Mexico.
  • Releases Avocet 2012 production operations software platform, combining an overall view of operations with engineering analysis to help avoid production shortfalls.
  • Launches several products able to maximize benefits from shale plays, including M-I SWACO’s ENVIROTHERM NT water-base drilling fluid, and Smith Bits’ Spear shale-optimized steel body polycrystalline diamond compact bit.
  • Launches PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system, delivering well profiles previously possible only with motors, and with the ROP and wellbore quality of a fully rotating RSS.


  • Forms OneSubsea, a joint venture with Cameron, to manufacture and develop products, systems, and services for the subsea oil and gas market.
  • Introduces next generation of Spear bits for unconventional shale plays, engineered for improved drilling performance in curve and lateral hole sections.
  • Releases RHADIANT drilling fluid system, formulated to maintain stable rheologies and thin filter cake to ensure quality reservoir characterization.
  • Adds Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service to the Scanner family, a service that delivers quantitative mineralogy in complex lithologies.
  • Launches Saturn 3D radial probe, a new wireline formation testing service that enables formation testing in low-permeability and unconsolidated reservoirs.
  • Opens the Schlumberger China Petroleum Institute in Beijing to provide best-in-class petrotechnical services to address technical challenges specific to China.
  • Introduces Rhino XC reamer, a next-generation reamer that delivers on-demand reaming for well borehole enlargement flexibility.
  • Launches ReSOLVE intelligent wireline intervention services for monitoring and control of wireline workover operations.
  • Adds important new science to Petrel 2012 for exploration, development, production workflows, and enhanced enterprise knowledge management.
  • Introduces NeoScope service, the industry’s first fully sourceless LWD formation evaluation service, which reduces drilling risk and delivers greater operational efficiency.
  • Releases industry-first Mangrove reservoir-centric stimulation design software that enables completion and fracture modeling in the context of a shared earth model.
  • Launches breakthrough marine seismic technology: IsoMetrix service delivers the first true 3D wavefield measurement.
  • Releases SPARK stimulation technology delivery platform that merges Schlumberger stimulation technology, chemistry, and exclusive techniques to provide a new solution to address stimulation needs.
  • Expands marine broadband offering via WesternGeco with ObliQ technology, a variable-depth, towed-streamer acquisition technology that delivers improved seismic imaging.
  • Enters into an agreement with Altor Fund II to acquire SPT Group, a privately owned software company specialized in dynamic modeling for the oil and gas industry.
  • Introduces new resistivity and imaging-while-drilling service: MicroScope 475 service provides key information for formation evaluation, well placement, and fracture identification.
  • Expands portfolio of high-temperature reservoir characterization services with PressureXpress-HT and MDT Forte-HT fast, accurate pressure and mobility measurements.
  • Announces cooperation agreement with Petrofac to deliver integrated and high-value production projects in the emerging and growing production services and production enhancement market.


  • Introduces Stinger conical diamond element, a centrally placed element that enhances PDC drill bits for improved drilling performance.
  • Releases Digiscope slimhole measurement-while-drilling service, which transmits high-quality data for real-time decision-making in land, extended-reach, and deepwater wells.
  • Introduces the CoilScan real-time coiled tubing pipe inspection system that minimizes nonproductive time by identifying coiled tubing pipe defects.
  • Launches high-temperature downhole reservoir testing system: theQuartet-HT system for high-resolution pressure measurements and representative fluid samples; also releases Quartet system enabled by wireless telemetry, which transmits data for real-time validation.
  • Commences IsoMetrix multiclient seismic survey in Barents Sea via WesternGeco, a new survey that extends successful multiclient program, and commences a new multiclient seismic survey offshore Mozambique to cover open blocks ahead of future licensing rounds.
  • Delivers enterprise knowledge management for it professionals: Studio Manager empowers information management professionals to work interactively with geoscientists and engineers, improving productivity.
  • Introduces MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker to improve solids control performance.
  • Releases Petrel 2013 software platform, which delivers advanced science for exploration, development, and production and enables enhanced collaboration and productivity.
  • Completes OneSubsea joint venture with Cameron to target subsea oil production and recovery.
  • Releases ONYX 360 rolling PDC cutter, an industry-first rolling PDC cutter that stays sharp longer, extending run length in abrasive formations.
  • Introduces advanced microseismic data processing for improved well completion design, notably a new moment tensor inversion service to enhance microseismic data.
  • Releases MicroScope HD high-definition imaging-while-drilling service that provides detailed logging-while-drilling images for reservoir description and completions optimization.
  • Introduces SonicScope multipole sonic-while-drilling service for large boreholes to deliver validated measurements for improved drilling risk management.
  • Introduces Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter, which provides accurate flow rate measurements for oil and gas production monitoring and allocation.


  • Introduces the MS Recon high-fidelity microseismic surface acquisition system that provides improved imaging of hydraulic fracture geometry.
  • Releases Invizion Evaluation well integrity service, which helps operators evaluate zonal isolation by using integrated drilling, cementing, and well logging data.
  • Launches StingBlade conical diamond element bit with Stinger elements across the bit face, which increases rate of penetration while improving steering in directional drilling applications.
  • Delivers Petrel Shale, the first shale-specific software that offers a customized user interface and toolset engineered for exploiting shale resources.
  • Releases the Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service that enables geoscientists to confidently model reservoir distribution.
  • Announces alliance between OneSubsea, a Cameron and Schlumberger company, and Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. to develop technologies and deliver services to optimize the cost and efficiency of subsea well intervention systems.
  • Introduces GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service, a unique reservoir mapping service around the wellbore to enhance field development strategies and to improve production.
  • Acquires Rock Deformation Research, a UK-based company specialized in geological software development and structural geology consultancy for the oil and gas industry.
  • Purchases the remaining shares of SES Holdings Limited (“Saxon”), a Calgary-based provider of international land drilling services.
  • Launches PowerDrive Orbit rotary steerable system that increases drilling efficiency in challenging environments by extending system life, delivering precise directional control, and increasing drilling efficiency.
  • Commercializes PeriScope HD multilayer bed boundary detection service that detects formation layers for advanced well placement in clastic and carbonate fields.
  • Releases ELEMENTAL degradable alloy technology for multistage stimulation treatments, which ensures maximum well productivity without need for mechanical intervention.
  • Introduces BroadBand Sequence fracturing technique, which enables sequential stimulation of perforation clusters in wells drilled in unconventional reservoirs to increase productivity.


  • Introduces Infinity, the industry-first fully dissolvable plug-and-perf system
  • Releases TeleScope ICE MWD service and PowerDrive ICE RSS to improve well placement and drilling performance in extreme downhold environments
  • Launches Two New Full-Azimuth Multiclient Surveys in the US Gulf of Mexico
  • Introduces ACTive Straddle packer to isolate and treat multiple zones on a single trip, reducing workover costs and improving treatment efficiency for production optimization
  • Schlumberger and Chevron Energy Technology Company sign software agreement, providing universal access to the Petrel E&P software platform across Chevron's entire earth sciences organization
  • Introduces ACTive OptiFIRE system to enable selective perforating at differnet depths in a single run, saving time and operational costs
  • Paal Kibsgaard, Chief Executive Officer, appointed Chairman of the Board
  • BP standardizes on Petrel E&P software platform to support BP's new digital technology roll out
  • M-I SWACO Releases SCREEN PULSE separator to deliver optimum efficiency and reduce overall drilling costs
  • Introduces Depth Domain Inversion Services to reliably illuminate complex geology and reduce uncertainty through aplitude inversion
  • Launches industry-first multiclient wide-azimuth deepwater seismic survey in Mexican waters, Gulf of Mexico
  • Announces agreement to acquire Cameron
  • Schlumberger and IBM introduce new service to optimize integrated upstream production operations
  • Acquires Novatek, adding unique diamond technologies for improved drilling performance
  • Schlumberger and Ikon Science sign joint software development agreement
  • Acquires Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Inc. to expand rock and fluids services portfolio and add geochemical logging capability
  • Schlumberger and Bauer agree on manufacturing joint venture to develop land drilling rigs and rig equipment
  • Executes contract with Statoil for multiclient wide-azimuth deepwater seismic survey in the Campeche Basin

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