Schlumberger Moscow Research Center

The Schlumberger Moscow Research Center (SMR) initiated its first collaborative research projects with Russian universities in 1998. The first research facility was officially opened in 2003, and at the end of 2010, SMR moved to a new state-of-the-art facility next to the campus of Moscow State University, a major research and educational hub in Russia. The new SMR facility, which comprises office space, an experimental laboratory, and a supercomputer, houses approximately 100 researchers.

SMR is a center of excellence in borehole seismics and acoustics, reservoir physics, and well testing research. Its research programs capitalize on a collaborative network with the Russian academic community and customers that enable the production of world-class products and services. Research at SMR focuses on specific challenges in hydrocarbon exploration and production in Russia, including gas condensates, mature oil and gas fields, heavy oil, and operations in arctic and permafrost conditions.

Borehole seismics and acoustics department

The borehole seismic and acoustic department develops novel techniques and concepts for seismic and acoustic measurements in boreholes, data interpretation, and processing workflows based on advanced numerical simulations, lab experiments, and field data analysis.

Reservoir testing department

SMR’s reservoir testing department is exploring new dynamic well test and reservoir evaluation techniques, based on modern signal processing and environmentally friendly testing approaches.

Reservoir physics department

The reservoir physics department concentrates on a wide range of topics related to measurement and interpretation of complex fluid flows in reservoirs, especially those involving thermal properties of formation and reservoir fluids, related thermodynamic processes, and investigation of rock-fluid interaction at micro- and nano-scales.


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  Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
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