Our P&A research went back to the fundamentals. 
“There has been a large acceleration within Schlumberger to develop well abandonment technology.”
David Stokes


Unveiling Critical Reservoir Fluid and Rock Properties Hidden from Conventional Seismic Interpretation.

Unmasking critical reservoir fluid and rock properties can mean exponential time savings. The formation sampling-while-drilling (FSWD) service is designed to reveal direct pore pressure, mobility, gas/oil ratio (GOR), and fluid composition. Reliable characterization of these properties are crucial for estimating reserves, optimizing completions, designing surface facilities, and meeting production goals.

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The platform is built on our experience with the industry-leading MDT tester and StethoScope service. It provides the high-quality fluid samples and accurate pressure measurements while drilling, enabling the time savings you need. 

See how this pioneering technology recently helped Eni US Operating Company, Hess Corporation, and Saudi Aramco slash operations and decision-making time.

Small Improvements Spark Big Waves

Frustrated by increased costs caused by downhole dangers, risks, and inefficient processes during drilling operations? The Schlumberger OptiWell service scrutinizes downhole conditions, helping you pinpoint risks and areas of improvement—and ultimately lower HSE risks and both invisible lost time (ILT) and NPT. 

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