CoilScan Real-Time CT Pipe Inspection System

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Continually inspect coiled tubing in real time at the wellsite

The compact CoilScan real-time CT pipe inspection system uses magnetic flux leakage (MFL) sensors, eddy current probes, and depth encoders to provide early detection of pipe defects such as corrosion, pitting, or excess internal metal. Because the CoilScan system monitors the coiled tubing in real time, you can make changes to the operating envelope during the job. 

View coiled tubing defects in 360°

All CT measurements are integrated with 3D modeling and interpretation software to find, visualize in 360°, and track anomalies over time. When anomalies reach the user-specified threshold, the CoilScan system sends visual and audible alarms to the operator. All records of alarm-triggering events during a job are saved for review and archiving.

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World Oil Award—Best Well Intervention

Best Well Intervention—12th Annual World Oil Awards

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