4 1/8 in K503(104.775 mm)

Product ID: 6416040101 ER 23089

Design Specifications

Avg. SPC190
Face Cutters(26) 9mm
Gauge Cutters(12) 9mm
Cone Cutters(3) 9mm
Blade Count12
Hydraulics (sq in)0.5 TFA
Bit Connection2 3/8 Reg
Junk Slot Area (sq in)1.6
LengthMake-Up: 10" Overall: 10"
Fishing NeckDiameter: 0" Length: 0"
GaugeLength: 2" Protection: 5" Turbine Sleeve

Operating Parameters

Rotary SpeedSuitable for Turbine & PDM
Weight-on-Bit5,000 To 20,000 (lbs)
2,272 To 9,090 (daN)
2 To 9 (Tonnes)
Flow Rate (GPM)200 To 350
Hydraulic Horsepower (HSI)1 To 5
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



Superior GHI diamond distribution increases durability and ensures maximum ROP for longer periods of time

Open bit face improves hydraulic flow and optimizes cleaning for increased ROP

Turbine sleeves reduce vibration and hole spiraling in turbine applications. This feature increases bit life and enables the bit to achieve maximum ROP

The PX feature places thermally stable diamond inserts (TSP) on the gauge to maximize gauge retention and extend bit life.