10 5/8 in K705(269.875 mm)

Product ID: 6420710901

Design Specifications

Avg. SPC116
Face Cutters(45) 13mm
Gauge Cutters(12) 13mm
Cone Cutters(5) 13mm
Blade Count12
Hydraulics (sq in)3.0 TFA
Bit Connection6 5/8 Reg Box
LengthMake-Up: 19 1/8 in Overall: 19 1/8 in
Fishing NeckDiameter: 0" Length: 0"
GaugeLength: 5" Protection: 9" Turbine Sleeve

Operating Parameters

Rotary SpeedSuitable for Turbine & PDM
Weight-on-Bit5,000 To 40,000 (lbs)
2,272 To 18,180 (daN)
2 To 18 (Tonnes)
Flow Rate (GPM)400 To 850
Hydraulic Horsepower (HSI)1 To 6
Recommend Make-up Torque47,300 To 47,800 pound ft
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



Gauge pad configuration for very abrasive formation. This additional diamond volume will help prevent the gauge pads from going under gauge.

The short gauge pad length enhances steerability. Combined with the short trimmer lengths of the gauge inserts, these characteristics promote gauge retention and maximize steering efficiency.

Turbine sleeves reduce vibration and hole spiraling in turbine applications. This feature increases bit life and enables the bit to achieve maximum ROP