8 1/2 in 47YGA(215.9 mm)

Product ID: 0058602030 ER 8134

Design Specifications

Bearing TypeOpen Air Geothermal Bearing
Seal TypeNon-Sealed
Bit Connection Type4 1/2 Reg
Journal Angle (┬░)36
Offset (inches)0.0
RowsTotal: 12 Inner: 9 Gage: 3
Inserts/TeethTotal: 131 Inner: 83 Gage: 48

Operating Parameters

Weight on Bit To (lbs)
To (daN)
To (Tonnes)
Rotary Speed (RPM)0 To 0
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



The PS feature offers strategically placed clusters of semi-round top (SRT) shaped carbide inserts that maximize leg protection, prevent bit wear, and substantially increase bit life in abrasive formations.