12 1/4 in GFK15(311.15 mm)

Product ID: 0058940170 ER 8297 IADC 447X

Design Specifications

Bearing TypeSpinodal™ 2 Bearing w/Silver Plated Components
Seal Typen/a
Bit Connection Type6 5/8 Reg
Journal Angle (°)32.5
Offset (inches)0.375
RowsTotal: 12 Inner: 9 Gage: 3
Inserts/TeethTotal: 122 Inner: 79 Gage: 43

Operating Parameters

Weight on Bit25,000 To 60,000 (lbs)
11,362 To 27,270 (daN)
11 To 27 (Tonnes)
Rotary Speed (RPM)240 To 50
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



Binary carbide gauge places wear resistant semi-round top carbide inserts between the primary gauge inserts to enhance gauge retention in transitional drilling. This substantially improves gauge durability and allows longer in-gauge bit runs.

Diamond enhanced heel inserts maintain gauge in abrasive, hard formation drilling and significantly increase cone durability. This feature extends bit life and ensures that a full gauge hole is drilled.

V-Flo™ directs nozzles to the leading side of the following bit cone to maximize cleaning. The resulting upward spiral flow enhances bottom hole cleaning, prevents bit balling and allows the bit to drill at maximum ROP.

Spinodal 2 bearing with silver plated components ensures longer runs at higher ROP. This proprietary material offers maximum wear resistance and withstands extreme load forces for longer periods than conventional bearing materials.