8 1/2 in SK47YAODR(215.9 mm)

Product ID: 0062770010 ER 8541 IADC 615Y

Design Specifications

Bearing TypeSealed Precision Roller Bearing
Seal TypeHigh Temperature Fabric Composite Seal
Bit Connection Type4 1/2 Reg
Journal Angle (┬░)36
Offset (inches)n/a
RowsTotal: 12 Inner: 9 Gage: 3
Inserts/TeethTotal: 131 Inner: 83 Gage: 48

Operating Parameters

Weight on Bit30,000 To 45,000 (lbs)
13,635 To 20,452 (daN)
14 To 20 (Tonnes)
Rotary Speed (RPM)160 To 50
Recommended Make-up Torque16,600 To 21,600 pound ft
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



Advanced fabric composite seals and specialized high temperature grease designed with improved heat and wear resistance to enhance bit life at elevated temperatures.

The geometry of conical inserts is optimized to reduce insert breakage and maximize ROP in WOB sensitive formations.

Diamond enhanced heel inserts maintain gauge in abrasive, hard formation drilling and significantly increase cone durability. This feature extends bit life and ensures that a full gauge hole is drilled.

The proprietary geometry of the relieved gauge chisel insert incorporates an aggressive leading edge that efficiently cuts gauge and a generously contoured, relieved trailing side that mitigates the tensile stresses that can lead to gauge breakage in standard gauge inserts. The result is a more durable cutting structure, a full gauge hole, and extended bit life.