8 1/2 in FHKi20DOD1PD(215.9 mm)

Product ID: 0064696010

Design Specifications

Bearing TypeSpinodal* 2 Bearing w/Silver Plated Components
Seal TypeHigh Temperature Fabric Composite Seal
Bit Connection Type4 1/2 Reg
Journal Angle (┬░)n/a
Offset (inches)n/a
RowsTotal: 13 Inner: 10 Gage: 3
Inserts/TeethTotal: 124 Inner: 84 Gage: 40

Operating Parameters

Weight on Bit2 To 50 (lbs)
1 To 23 (daN)
To (Tonnes)
Rotary Speed (RPM)50 To 220
Recommended Make-up Torque12,000 to 16,000 pound ft
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



Advanced fabric composite seals and specialized high temperature grease designed with improved heat and wear resistance to enhance bit life at elevated temperatures.

Diamond Leg Back Protection

100% diamond enhanced heel row inserts provide maximum durability in extremely abrasive applications. The bit will drill longer intervals of full gauge hole, and eliminate the need for expensive reaming operations.