6 in Z513(152.4 mm)

Product ID: 66171A0005 ER 26445

Design Specifications

Total Cutters31
Total Stinger Element Count15
Stinger Element Size9/16 in
Cutter Size13mm (1/2 in)
Face Cutters(15) 13mm
Gauge Cutters(6) 13mm
Cone Cutters(4) 13mm
Back-Up Cutters(6) 13mm
Blade Count5
Nozzles3 Standard Series 40N, 2 Standard Series 50N
Bit Connection3 1/2 Reg
Junk Slot Area, in25.237
GaugeLength: 2" Protection: Options Available
LengthMake-Up: 7.891 in Overall: 11.578 in
Fishing NeckDiameter: 4.5 in Length: 3.128 in

Operating Parameters

Bit Speed140 To 300 RPM
Weight-on-Bit3,000 To 25,000 (lbs)
1,364 To 11,362 (daN)
1 To 11 (Tonnes)
Flow Rate galUs/min150 To 300
Hydraulic Horsepower, HSI1 To 6
Recommended Make-up Torque6600 To 9850 pound ft
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.

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6 in Z513(152.4 mm)



Bit design and performance have been certified through the validation process prescribed by IDEAS simulation technology.

The Stinger's unique conical geometry delivers high point loading to fracture tough-to-drill formations more efficiently.

Placed on the blade, Stinger conical diamond elements offer improved impact resistance when drilling through inter-bedded formations or when hard inclusions such as chert or conglomerates are encountered.

Bit design is available with RockStorm PDC technology. These all-in-one cutters break the paradigm and provide ultimate wear resistance and ultimate impact resistance in the same PDC cutter. As a result, faster drilling rates are delivered while increasing overall run length.

Placing thermally stable diamond inserts (TSP) on the gauge maximizes gauge retention and extends bit life.