7 7/8 in Z316S(200.025 mm)

Product ID: 66718A0001 ER 26873

Design Specifications

Total Cutters22
Total Stinger Element Count7
Stinger Element Size16mm (5/8 in)
Cutter Size16mm (5/8 in)
Face Cutters(9) 16mm
Gauge Cutters(6) 16mm
Cone Cutters(7) 16mm
Blade Count3
Nozzles6 Standard Series 60N
Bit Connection4 1/2 Reg
Junk Slot Area, in211.415
GaugeLength: 2" Protection:
LengthMake-Up: 8.345 Overall: 12.534
Fishing NeckDiameter: 6.0 Length: 2.947

Operating Parameters

Bit Speed140 To 300 RPM
Weight-on-Bit4 To 30 (lbs)
2 To 14 (daN)
To (Tonnes)
Flow Rate galUs/min325 To 800
Hydraulic Horsepower, HSI1 To 6
The operating parameters listed here are general parameters, please contact your local Smith Bits representative for precise recommendations for your individual well.



Bit design is available with RockStorm PDC technology. These all-in-one cutters break the paradigm and provide ultimate wear resistance and ultimate impact resistance in the same PDC cutter. As a result, faster drilling rates are delivered while increasing overall run length.

Backup Stinger conical diamond elements offer improved impact resistance when hard inclusions such as chert or conglomerates are encountered while drilling.

A shale evacuation channel is formed on the bit body near the nozzle bores to create an unobstructed flow to cuttings, thus greatly reducing the tendency of packing.