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Product BORETEX Product Water-dispersible asphaltic additive
Product DRILPLEX HDD Product Viscosifier
Product DUO-VIS Product Biopolymer viscosifier
Product GEL SUPREME Product Bentonite viscosifier
Product GOPHER GROUT Product Granular bentonite grouting composition
Product KWIK PLUG Product Bentonite sealing agent
Product KWIK PLUG FINE Product Bentonite sealing agent
Product KWIK PLUG MEDIUM Product Bentonite sealing agent
Product LCM Product Lost circulation materials
Product MAX BORE HDD Product One-step boring system
Product MAX GEL Product Viscosifier
Product MAX GEL AS Product Viscosifier
Product PLATINUM D-D Product Aqueous surface active additive blend
Product PLATINUM FOAM PLUS Product Foaming agent
Product PLATINUM PAC Product Cellulosic filtration control polymer
Product PLATINUM PAC UL Product Low-viscosity cellulosic filtration control polymer
Product PLATINUM ROD EASE Product Lubricant
Product POLY-PLUS Product High-molecular-weight liquid clay inhibitor
Product POLY-PLUS LV Product Low-viscosity clay inhibitor
Product POLY-PLUS 2000 Product High-solids liquid clay inhibitor
Product POLY-PLUS RD Product Readily dispersible liquid clay inhibitor
Product POLYPAC R Product Polyanionic-cellulose filtration-control additive
Product POLYSWELL Product Copolymer
Product RINGFREE Product Polymeric thinner
Product ROD COAT B 700 Product Drilling rod coating grease
Product ROD EASE Product Rod lubricant
Product SMOOTH GROUT 20 Product 20%-active-solids slurry grout
Product 30%-active-solids slurry grout
Product Soda Ash Product Sodium carbonate
Product All-natural bentonite plugging material
Product TACKLE Product Low-molecular-weight polymer additive
Product Pipe thread sealant
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