Schlumberger geoscientists and engineers present on some of the prevalent issues facing the oil and gas industry today, drawing from their experience and technical knowledge.

Service Line / Function
Technical Challenges
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Date Title Length Challenge SrvLine/Func
May 2017 ProMILL System: Developing Trip-Saving Milling Technology 2:01 Drilling Tools & Services
May 2017 IsoMetrix Technology True 3D Broadband 2:03 Marine Seismic Acquisition
May 2017 BluePack Max RH High-Pressure Retrievable Hydraulic-Set Production Packer 1:48 High Pressure, High Temperature Packers
May 2017 REDA Continuum Unconventional Extended-Life ESP Stage 1:24 Unconventional Resources Artificial Lift
May 2017 Improving Subsalt Images Using Advanced Image Enhancement Techniques 28:42 Reservoir Characterization Software
May 2017 i-DRILL Integrated Dynamic System Analysis Service Using the IDEAS Integrated Dynamic Design and Analysis Platform 2:33 Drill Bits
May 2017 RapidTieBack TAML 3 or 4 Conventional Multilateral Junction 1:30 Multilateral Systems
Apr 2017 OptiWell Service: Mitigating Invisible Lost Time and Nonproductive Time 1:42 Directional, MWD & LWD
Apr 2017 SpectraSphere Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Service 2:24 Directional, MWD & LWD
Mar 2017 Addressing 3D Seismic Illumination Challenges: Improved Imaging and Quantitative Interpretation 29:17 Seismic Data Processing
Mar 2017 TDDirect CD Casing-While-Drilling Service 2:55 Directional, MWD & LWD
Mar 2017 Pressure Deployment CT System: Optimized Equipment for Executing Long-BHA Operations 2:17 Coiled Tubing
Mar 2017 SIMultra Retrievable Bridge Plug 1:25 Wireline Intervention Services
Mar 2017 UniQ Land Seismic Acquisition Platform 1:31
Mar 2017 AccuTorque 2:11 Drilling Tools & Services

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