Schlumberger geoscientists and engineers present on some of the prevalent issues facing the oil and gas industry today, drawing from their experience and technical knowledge.

Service Line / Function
Technical Challenges
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Date Title Length Challenge SrvLine/Func
Nov 2016 NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY Electrostatic Treater Technology Reduced Opex and Increased Throughput 3:11 Processing & Separation
Nov 2016 ENVIROUNIT Offshore Slop Water Treatment System 2:01 Fluids Processing
Nov 2016 KUDU HSU Hydraulic Pumping Unit 2:36 Unconventional Resources Artificial Lift
Nov 2016 CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System 1:43 Cementing
Oct 2016 OpenPath Sequence Diversion Stimulation Service 1:29 Stimulation
Oct 2016 What are the Top 5 Benefits of Maze SARA Analysis? 4:15 Core & PVT Lab Services
Oct 2016 Video: What is SARA Analysis and Why is it Important? 2:49 Core & PVT Lab Services
Oct 2016 Detailed Velocity Model Building with Full-Waveform Inversion 30:16 Land Seismic Acquisition,
Marine Seismic Acquisition
Oct 2016 FAZEPRO Reversible Invert-Emulsion Reservoir Drill-In Fluid 2:32 Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools
Oct 2016 Transforming Waste Management with the iWISE Service 11:07 Solids Control Systems & Products,
Cuttings Management
Sep 2016 MaxPull High-Pull Wireline Conveyance System 4:09 Deep Water Wireline Open Hole
Sep 2016 iWISE Integrated Waste Injection Services 4:07 Solids Control Systems & Products,
Cuttings Management
Sep 2016 The UniQ Land Seismic Acquisition Platform 30:02 Land Seismic Acquisition
Sep 2016 Why use cuttings reinjection for drilling waste management? 2:21 Cuttings Management
Sep 2016 Video: Manara Production and Reservoir Management System Interview 10:55 Real-Time Operations Intelligent Completions

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