Webinar: Reducing Environmental Footprint with a Sustainable and Flexible Source Solution

Watch this webinar to learn about the world’s first marine impulsive source designed to reduce the environmental footprint of seismic acquisition. The eSource bandwidth-controlled seismic source technology combines WesternGeco’s expertise in acoustics with Teledyne Bolt’s experience in manufacturing, creating a sustainable and flexible source solution.

The presenter, Mehul Supawala, is the Marine Energy Sources Product Champion at WesternGeco based in London. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and more than 13 years of experience with the company. Early in his career, he worked on seismic vessels and marine operations support before taking the role of product champion in 2014.

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eSource Technology
Preserve low-frequency energy required for seismic exploration, while suppressing high-frequency energy that is not necessary for processing, imaging, or interpretation workflows. Visit eSource Technology page