Oilfield Review Video: Wellbore Resistivity Imaging in Oil-Base Muds

Geologists and petrophysicists use image logs to visualize rocks in situ and determine structural geometry and formation properties. Image data help them analyze reservoir properties such as heterogeneity, sedimentary conditions, and structural features. Engineers have found that acquiring images in oil-base mud systems is difficult because the insulating properties of oil often renders conductivity-based imaging tools ineffective, especially for fracture analysis. That limitation has been addressed with the Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service for oil-base mud systems.

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Downlogging High-Resolution Images and Dip in OBM

The 3D interpretation to the right of the images from a 15-ft sand interval shows the repeated, abrupt high-angle changes in dip that resulted from disruption of the sand by slumping.
Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service redefines imaging in oil-base mud environments with high resolution and full coverage to truly represent the formation geology.
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