Oilfield Review Video: Conical Diamond Element Characteristics and Performance

The goal of drillers everywhere is to drill as quickly as possible from casing shoe to casing point without compromising borehole quality. The bit, which must withstand variations in lithology, formation compressive strength, and numerous other factors, is central to achieving this goal. By incorporating conically shaped diamond cutting elements across the bit face, engineered drillbit design can translate to greater resistance to impact and wear. The Stingblade conical diamond element bit has helped operators increase run lengths and sustain high rates of penetration through notoriously difficult formations in more than 1,000 wells globally.

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Field-Proven Bits that Withstand Hard Formations

In field tests of more than 750 runs, StingBlade bits consistently delivered improved footage and ROP in challenging drilling applications that caused impact damage to PDC bits. Visit StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bits page

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