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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Jan 2018ClearPAC HT Fluid Enables Gravel Pack, and Tools Save USD 450,000 in Offshore Well Sand Control OptiPac,
Russia and Central Asia
Jan 2018Four Stratified Annular Fill Layers Identified to Optimize Cut-and-Pull Operation, Offshore Norway Wireline Cased Hole PowerFlexNorth Sea
Jan 2018Lift IQ Service Eliminates USD 2 Million Workovers to Replace ESPs After Scale Squeezes Artificial Lift Lift IQNorth Sea
Jan 2018PowerDrive vorteX Max System Reduces Average Total Drilling Cost by 30% per Lateral Foot, Permian Basin Directional, MWD & LWD PowerDrive vorteX MaxUnited States
Jan 2018Robust QUANTUM RH Packer Enables Underbalanced Perforating and Saves USD 700,000 for PDO Packers QUANTUM RHMiddle East
Dec 2017BroadBand Sequence Service Stimulates Wells with 50% Less Diverter Material, Bakken Shale Stimulation BroadBand SequenceUnited States
Dec 2017Managed Services Agreement Improves Efficiency of Field Data Management System for Bayerngas Norge Production Software Avocet,
North Sea
Dec 2017Lift IQ Service Sees Early ESP Scaling, Saves USD 540,000 for Khalda Petroleum Company  Artificial Lift Lift IQ,
Phoenix xt150
Middle East
Dec 2017Lift IQ Service Prevents ESP Failure After Pipeline Event, Saving Alianza Casabe USD 307,000 Artificial Lift Lift IQSouth America
Dec 2017Left Helix PCP Manages Sand to Enable 13% Drawdown Increase for Casabe Consortium Artificial Lift Left HelixSouth America
Dec 2017Lift IQ Service Remotely Resolves ESP Gas Locking and Saves USD 313,000 for Alianza Casabe Artificial Lift Lift IQSouth America
Dec 2017Lift IQ Service and ESPs Deliver Production Increment of USD 74,800 Per Year for HydroCarbon Finder E&P Artificial Lift Maximus,
REDA Continuum,
Phoenix xt150,
Lift IQ
Middle East
Dec 2017OpenPath Sequence Service Raises Disposal Well Injectivity More Than 800% for Lukoil-NVN Stimulation MSR,
OpenPath Sequence,
Russia and Central Asia
Dec 2017BroadBand Precision Service Saves 10 Days on 20-Zone Completion for Gazpromneft-Yamal Stimulation BroadBand Precision,
Russia and Central Asia
Dec 2017REDA Continuum Stages Extend Flow Rate Range, Saving Operator USD 185,000 in Unconventional Well Artificial Lift REDA Maximus,
REDA Continuum
United States
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