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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Apr 2014BroadBand Sequence Technique Increases Productivity Index More Than 600% in Refractured Shale Well Stimulation BroadBand SequenceUnited States
Apr 2014Petrophysical Evaluation Reduces Uncertainty in Large-Diameter, Washed Out Well Reservoir Consulting,
Data Interpretation Services,
Wireline Cased Hole
Platform Express
North Africa
Apr 2014Reservoir Quality Determined from High-Resolution Images in OBM of Channel and Highly Laminated Sands Wireline Open Hole NGIAustralia and Indonesia
Apr 2014Deepwater GOM Imaging in OBM Reveals Paleotransport Direction of Turbidite Sands Wireline Open Hole NGIGulf of Mexico
Apr 2014Imaging Core Points and Natural Fractures in Oil-Base Mud Guides Completion Design, Utica Shale Wireline Open Hole NGIUnited States
Apr 2014Frac Balls Made of ELEMENTAL Degradable Alloy Dissolve Successfully in Low-Temperature Wells Completions Products ELEMENTAL,
Apr 2014Streamlined Monitoring System Installation in Remote Arctic Well Saves 4 Days and USD ½ Million Intelligent Completions  WellWatcher,
WellWatcher Remote
United States
Apr 2014Engineering Center Optimizes Drilling to Save USD 18 Million in Deepwater GOM Well for Shell Directional, MWD & LWD,
Drilling Engineering & Modeling ,
Drill Bits,
Drilling Fluids & Systems
 PowerDrive X6,
Gulf of Mexico
Mar 2014Unique Stimulation Combination Increases Long-Term Production 199% in Western Egyptian Desert Stimulation HiWAY 
Mar 2014Introduction of ResFlow ICDs Transitions Wells from 100% Water Production to 70% Oil Production Sand Control ResFlowWest and South Africa
Mar 2014Deepest MPD HPHT Well Drilled in Offshore Malaysia  MPD & UBD DAPCSouth and East Asia
Mar 2014Automated MPD System: Operator Avoids Hazards While Drilling Narrow Pressure Window in Gulf of Mexico MPD & UBD HOLD RCD,
Gulf of Mexico
Mar 2014Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques and VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS Modeling are Utilized to Control Abnormal Pressures While Drilling Fractured Production Zone MPD & UBD LPAC ,
United States
Mar 2014Flare Redesign Enables Continuously Flowing High CO2 Concentrations in Heavy Oil Well Offshore Vietnam Well Testing PVT ExpressAustralia and Indonesia
Mar 2014Bed Boundary Mapping Improves AGOCO Oil Recovery with 0% Water Cut Data Interpretation Services,
Reservoir Consulting,
Directional, MWD & LWD
 PeriScopeNorth Africa 
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