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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Sep 2014Completion Strategy Based on Geomechanics Interpretation Boosts Gas Production to 1,844-m3/d Data Interpretation Services,
Production Optimization Services
 North Sea
Sep 2014TuffTRAC Tractor Pushes Stuck Plug to Save USD 300,000 in High-H2S and -CO2 Well Wireline Intervention Services TuffTRACAustralia and Indonesia
Sep 2014Single-Trip Downhole Reservoir Test Saves Rig Time in Ultradeepwater Presalt Environment Well Testing Quartet,
intelligent remote dual valve,
South America
Sep 2014Eni Australia Achieves Reservoir Fluid Sampling and Analysis Objectives in 347-degF Well Well Testing SCAR Australia and Indonesia
Sep 2014Performance Report: Trinidad: MUDSOLV NG Successfully Used as an Open Hole Gravel Pack Carrier Fluid in a Gas Producer Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools BREAKDOWNSouth America
Sep 2014Dual-Reamer BHA Paired With SonicScope Service Saves Pemex Logging and Reaming Runs Directional, MWD & LWD SonicScopeGulf of Mexico
Sep 2014Medoilgas Italia Maps Majella Mountain with the Petrel Platform 3D Mapping Tool Reservoir Characterization Software PetrelContinental Europe
Sep 2014Fluid management facility and integrated approach gives operator major reduction in drilling waste disposal Production Waste Management United States
Sep 2014Saturn 3D Probe Confirms Mobile Oil in Low-Permeability Sakhalin Reservoir at 85% Water Saturation Wireline Open Hole Saturn,
InSitu Family
Russia and Central Asia
Sep 2014Turbodrill BHA Saves Operator Nearly 2 Days and USD 4 Million, Offshore Oman Drill Bits,
Drilling Tools & Services
 Neyrfor Turbodrills,
Neyrfor Traditional
Middle East
Sep 2014Neyrfor Turbodrill Sidetracks Off Weak Cement Plug on First Attempt, Offshore Oman Drill Bits,
Drilling Tools & Services
 Neyrfor TraditionalMiddle East
Sep 2014Turbodrilling Deviated Interval Saves PEMEX 96 Hours Drill Bits,
Drilling Tools & Services
 Neyrfor TurbodrillsMexico and Central America
Sep 2014Engineered BHA Saves Total E&P 8 Days, USD 8 Million off AFE, Offshore Australia Drill Bits,
Drilling Fluids & Systems,
Drilling Tools & Services
ONYX II Premium PDC Cutters,
Borrox AP,
Rhino XS,
Australia and Indonesia
Sep 2014Complex Slimhole BHA Successfully Geosteers 5,013-ft Lateral 100% in Zone for Permian Basin Well  Directional, MWD & LWD,
Reservoir Consulting
PowerDrive X6
United States
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