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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Nov 2016Operator Runs 2,700 ft of Liner in Highly Unstable Formation in Less Than 6 Hours MPD & UBD @balance Services,
Invizion RT,
South America
Nov 2016Advanced Image Interpretation of geoVISION Service Improves Formation Characterization, Offshore Libya Directional, MWD & LWD geoVISION,
North Africa
Nov 2016ZEiTECS Shuttle System Reduces Deferred Production Even Before ESP is Commissioned, Offshore Africa Artificial Lift ZEiTECS ShuttleWest and South Africa
Nov 2016BroadBand Services’ Composite Fracturing Fluid Enables 64% Increase in Oil Production Stimulation BroadBandUnited States
Nov 2016BP Saves 48 Hours of Rig Time in Complex Underreaming Operation, Offshore Azerbaijan Drilling Tools & Services Rhino XS,
Russia and Central Asia
Nov 2016PhaseTester Equipment with Vx Technology Quantifies Sand Production During Postfracturing Flowback Operation Well Testing PhaseTesterUnited States
Nov 2016MYCELX Technology Recovers 98% of Oil Content from Heavily Emulsified Produced Water Processing & Separation  
Nov 2016MYCELX Technology Recovers 98% of Emulsified Heavy Oil from Produced Water, Enabling Reinjection Processing & Separation Continental Europe
Nov 2016Lonestar Confirms Fracture Placement and Scaling Tendency with AvantGuard Flowback Services’ Monitoring Well Testing AvantGuard,
AvantGuard Observe
United States
Nov 2016AvantGuard Advanced Flowback Services Help Lonestar Determine Optimal Coiled Tubing Operating Conditions Well Testing AvantGuard,
Vx Spectra
United States
Nov 2016Devon Energy Minimizes Flowback Completion Damage by Following the Recommended Secure Operating Envelope Well Testing AvantGuard,
AvantGuard Observe
United States
Nov 2016First 30-in Casing Drilling Run with Direct XCD Bit Saves 1.31 Days in a Shallow-Water Exploration Well Drill Bits Direct XCDGulf of Mexico
Oct 2016OpenPath Sequence Service Increases Productivity Index More Than 300% for Kuwait Oil Company Stimulation OpenPath SequenceMiddle East
Oct 2016Integrated P&A BHA Expands Window Length and Milling Speed Capabilities, North Sea Drilling Tools & Services ProMILL,
North Sea
Oct 2016US Department of Energy and ADM Optimizes Carbon Sequestration Using Multizonal Intelligent Completions Intelligent Completions IntelliZone Compact,
WellWatcher Connect
United States
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