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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Nov 2014Offshore Malaysia: Total Losses in Subnormal Pressured Wells – Mud Cap Drilling (MCD) with Continuous Annular Injection MPD & UBD DAPCSouth and East Asia
Nov 2014HiWAY Technique Increases Initial Gas Production Rate by 500%, Reduces Water Volumes By 20% Stimulation HiWAYSouth and East Asia
Nov 2014Operator Prepares Watered-Out Well for P&A Using Downhole Measurements from ACTive Services Coiled Tubing ACTive,
Central Africa
Nov 2014RapidX TAML 5 Multilateral Junction Used with Rod Pump Optimizes Recovery in Low-Production Oil Field Multilateral Systems RapidXSouth and East Asia
Nov 2014CNPC Optimizes Field Development Planning in Chad Petroleum Economics & Reserves Software Merak,
Merak Peep
Nov 2014HydraPulse Systems Save 60 Hours, Drill 859 ft Farther to Reach TD of Interbedded Sections Directional, MWD & LWD HydraPulseUnited States
Nov 2014Stinger Element Saves 6 Days in Parque das Baleias Presalt Field Offshore Brazil Drill Bits Stinger BitSouth America
Nov 2014xWATER Systems Eliminate Disposal of 7.4 Million Gallons by Using 100% Produced Water Stimulation xWATERUnited States
Nov 2014WellWatcher Neon DTS and PT Gauge System Meets Strict Pressure Requirements for Italian UGS Wells Permanent Monitoring Systems WellWatcher BriteBlue,
Wellwatcher Neon,
WellWatcher Quartz
Continental Europe
Nov 2014Operator Saves More Than USD 1 Billion in Field Development Costs by Using Multilaterals Multilateral Systems RapidXAustralia and Indonesia
Nov 2014Texas American Saves 12 h Rig Time, Reaches TD on Two Lateral Sections Using Same BHA Directional, MWD & LWD HydraPulseUnited States
Nov 2014Liner-While-Drilling Service Places 5,704 ft of Liner in Unstable Formation Specialty Drilling Applications TDDirect Technology,
TDDirect LD Liner Drilling
Middle East
Nov 2014PDC Bits with Premium Cutters in Argentina Saves Pan American Energy 125 h and USD 416,000 Drill Bits SHARC,
ONYX II Premium PDC Cutters
South America
Nov 2014SENSU System Logs over 3,000 Hours of Successful, Uninterrupted Run Time for Saxon Energy Services Drilling Monitoring SENSUMiddle East
Nov 2014BG-Group Australia Optimizes Business Process and Regulatory Requirements for Major Assets Information Management ProSourceAustralia and Indonesia
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