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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Dec 2014IntelliZone Compact System Cuts Rig Time, Prevents Water Breakthrough, and Saves Operator USD 400,000 per Well Intelligent Completions  IntelliZone CompactSouth and East Asia
Dec 2014ConocoPhillips Reduces Drilling Time by 1.5 Days, Saving USD 900,000 Directional, MWD & LWD,
Drilling Tools & Services
 PowerDrive Orbit,
Rhino XS
Australia and Indonesia
Dec 2014Milling 1,500 ft of Existing Cement Casing Saves USD 340,000 in Intervention Costs Stimulation Jet BlasterContinental Europe
Dec 2014Chevron Successfully Places Drain Sections of Two Wells in Nigeria’s Meren Field Directional, MWD & LWD PeriScope HD,
PowerDrive X5
West and South Africa
Dec 2014PowerDrive Archer RSS Saves 3 Days and USD 1.5 Million Offshore Malaysia Directional, MWD & LWD,
Drill Bits
 PowerDrive Archer,
South and East Asia
Dec 2014Pardaliservices Increases Well Productivity by 400% During Recompletion Campaign Stimulation PropGUARDSouth America
Nov 2014Losseal Family of Reinforced Composite Mat Pills Enables Lifting Cement in the Permian Basin Cementing LossealUnited States
Nov 2014Offshore Malaysia: Total Losses in Subnormal Pressured Wells – Mud Cap Drilling (MCD) with Continuous Annular Injection MPD & UBD DAPCSouth and East Asia
Nov 2014HiWAY Technique Increases Initial Gas Production Rate by 500%, Reduces Water Volumes By 20% Stimulation HiWAYSouth and East Asia
Nov 2014Operator Prepares Watered-Out Well for P&A Using Downhole Measurements from ACTive Services Coiled Tubing ACTive,
Central Africa
Nov 2014PowerDrive Orbit RSS Increases ROP 35 ft/h for Talisman on Marcellus Shale Wells Directional, MWD & LWD PowerDrive Orbit,
United States
Nov 2014RapidX TAML 5 Multilateral Junction Used with Rod Pump Optimizes Recovery in Low-Production Oil Field Multilateral Systems RapidXSouth and East Asia
Nov 2014CNPC Optimizes Field Development Planning in Chad Petroleum Economics & Reserves Software Merak,
Merak Peep
Nov 2014Increasing Recovery for Heap Leach Operations with Near-Real-Time Data Water Services ECS 
Nov 2014850% Increase in Injection Rate While Satisfying EPA and UIC Requirements for Colorado Injection Wells Water Services Platform Express,
United States
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