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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Jan 2015Dynamic Underbalance Perforating System Helps Exceed Injectivity Estimate by 6,000 bbl/d Perforating SPAN Rock,
PowerJet Nova
South and East Asia
Jan 2015Multiphase Flow Meter Captures Single-Phase Surface Samples for Accurate Onsite Analysis Well Testing PhaseTester,
Vx Technology
Middle East
Jan 2015PEMEX Increases Oil Production by 380% During First Application of HiWAY Technique, Mexico Stimulation HiWAY,
Sonic Scanner
Mexico and Central America
Jan 2015Wireline Imaging and Minifrac Testing Provide Integrated Caprock Stress Analysis, Athabasca Oil Sands Wireline Open Hole FMI,
Jan 2015BroadBand Sequence Service Contributes 42% of Total Oil Production in Well for Whiting Petroleum Stimulation BroadBand Sequence,
Flow Scanner,
United States
Jan 2015Rhino XS2 Reamer Enlarges Seven Horizontal Sections in Horizontal Deepwater Wells Drilling Tools & Services Rhino XS2South America
Jan 2015Multiphase Measurement Technology and Sampling Increase Auto Gas Lift Well Production by 40% Well Testing,
Artificial Lift
Vx Technology
Middle East
Jan 2015Advanced Testing and Completion Fluid Development Improve Operational Safety and Well Performance Perforating North Sea
Jan 2015Logging on UltraTRAC All-Terrain Tractor Saves 1 Day of Rig Time, Onshore UK Wireline Open Hole UltraTRAC,
Dielectric Scanner,
Continental Europe
Jan 2015Extreme Overbalance Perforating Maximizes Water Injectivity for Pilot Well in Middle East Perforating PowerJet OmegaMiddle East
Jan 2015Perforating Design Using Sonic Scanner Platform’s Acoustic Data Reduces Skin by >60%, Colombia Perforating,
Wireline Open Hole
 Sonic Scanner,
PowerJet Nova,
South America
Jan 2015Anisotropic Stress Modeling Reliably Determines Mud Weight to Improve Stability and Reduce Risk Wireline Open Hole Sonic Scanner 
Jan 2015Custom-Designed TCP System Maximizes Productivity of 12 HPHT Development Wells with No Lost Time Perforating PowerJet Omega,
South and East Asia
Jan 2015GDF Suez Defines Key Drilling Investments with Collaborative Well Planning Reservoir Characterization Software PetrelNorth Sea
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