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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Feb 2015M-I SWACO Replacement Screens for NOV Brandt Venom Screens Outperform Competitor Metal Screens Solids Control Systems & Products United States
Feb 2015PEMEX Optimizes Crude Oil Export Quality with Combined Solution Production Software Avocet 
Feb 2015PetroMod Software Central to Renewed Komombo Development  Production Software PetroMod 
Feb 2015Progress Energy Increases ROP 95%, Saves USD 178,500 Using StingBlade Bit in Montney Play Drill Bits StingBlade 
Feb 2015Multistage Perforation Enables 300% Production Increase in an Ultradeep HPHT Gas Well Well Testing SPAN Rock 
Feb 2015Petronas Discovers Previously Undetected Channel Sand with Expected Production of 1,700 bbl/d Directional, MWD & LWD GeoSphereAustralia and Indonesia
Feb 2015FLAIR Service Enables Reduced Development Costs and Increased Production in Highly Depleted Reservoir Mud Logging FLAIRMiddle East
Feb 2015Eni Reconstructs Well Interval with Techlog Software Reservoir Characterization Software Techlog  
Jan 2015SCREEN PULSE Fluid and Cuttings Separator Cuts Costs Nearly $107,000 and Saved an Additional $62,000 in Recovered Drilling Fluids Solids Control Systems & Products United States
Jan 2015Dynamic Underbalance Perforating System Helps Exceed Injectivity Estimate by 6,000 bbl/d Perforating SPAN Rock,
PowerJet Nova
South and East Asia
Jan 2015Multiphase Flow Meter Captures Single-Phase Surface Samples for Accurate Onsite Analysis Well Testing PhaseTester,
Vx Technology
Middle East
Jan 2015PEMEX Increases Oil Production by 380% During First Application of HiWAY Technique, Mexico Stimulation HiWAY,
Sonic Scanner
Mexico and Central America
Jan 2015Wireline Imaging and Minifrac Testing Provide Integrated Caprock Stress Analysis, Athabasca Oil Sands Wireline Open Hole FMI,
Jan 2015BroadBand Sequence Service Contributes 42% of Total Oil Production in Well for Whiting Petroleum Stimulation BroadBand Sequence,
Flow Scanner,
United States
Jan 2015Rhino XS2 Reamer Enlarges Seven Horizontal Sections in Horizontal Deepwater Wells Drilling Tools & Services Rhino XS2South America
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