Brochures - Complete List

Brochure: Subsea Lift
Brochure: Barrier Series Gas Lift Systems
Brochure: Dual ESP Systems and Accessories
Brochure: EZLine Electric Submersible Pump System
Brochure: EZlLine ESP System (Chinese)
eBrochure: ESP Technologies for Operating in High-Gas Environments
Brochure: REDA HPS G3
Folleto: REDA HPS G3
Brochure: REDA Hotline High-Temperature ESP Systems
Brochure: KUDU HSU Hydraulic Stroking Unit
Brochure: Pumping Systems for Water Management
Folleto: Sistemas de Bombeo Para el Manejo de la Producción de Agua
Brochure: REDA Coil Coiled Tubing-Deployed ESP System
Brochure: REDA Maximus
Brochure: REDA Cables
Brochure: ESP Power Cable Manufacturing—Lawrence Technology Center
Brochure: Variable Speed Drives
Folleto: XLift in Spanish
Brochure: CemCRETE
Brochure: Hassi-Messaoud Cementing and Stimulation Laboratory
Brochure: Deepwater Cementing
Brochure: Deepwater Cementing Technology and Software
Brochure: Client Support Laboratory - Europe and Africa
Brochure: EverCRETE
Brochure: FlexSTONE Isolation Suite
Brochure: FUTUR Self-Healing Cement System
Brochure: Gas Migration Control Engineering Suite
Brochure: Client Support Laboratory - Latin America
Brochure: Cementing Services
Brochure: WELLCLEAN II Engineering Solution
Brochure: ACTive Family of Live Downhole Coiled Tubing Services
Brochure: CoilFLATE Through-Tubing Packer
Brochure: CoilFLATE HPHT
Brochure: Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen, and Pumping Services
Brochure: COLOSSUS Premium Liner Hanger System
Brochure: COLOSSUS Premium Liner Hanger System Overview
Brochure: Completions Tubular Accessories
Brochure: Falcon System Components
Brochure: Formation Isolation Valves
Brochure: FORTRESS Isolation Valve
Brochure: FORTRESS Isolation Valve Debris Testing
Brochure: IntelliZone Compact Modular Zonal Management System
Folleto: IntelliZone Compact Sistema Modular de Control Multizonal
Brochure: Liner Hanger Systems
Brochure: Greater Recovery from Every Unconventional Reservoir
Brochure: Multistage Stimulation Systems
Brochure: nZone Completion System
Brochure: Packers
Brochure: RapidConnect Mutlilateral Completion System
Brochure: RapidExclude
Brochure: Subsurface Safety and Injection Valves
Brochure: WellWatcher Overview
Brochure: WellWatcher Remote Battery-Powered Multidrop Permanent Monitoring System
Brochure: WellWatcher Success Stories
Brochure: WellWatcher Permanent Downhole Reservoir and Production Monitoring
Brochure: Digital Rock and Fluid Analytics Services
Brochure: Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories
Brochure: Petrotechnical Services for EOR
Brochure: Petrotechnical Services for Geomechanics
Brochure: Reservoir Seismic Services
adnVISION Log Quality Control Reference Manual
Brochure: arcVISION312
arcVISION Log Quality Control Reference Manual
Brochure: CLEAR Cuttings Loading and Wellbore Stability Surveillance Service
Brochure: Optimized Deepwater Drilling System
Brochure: DigiScope
Brochure: Directional Casing While Drilling
Brochure: Drilling Dynamics Sensors and Optimization
Brochura: Otimização e Sondas Dinâmicas de Perfuração
Folleto: Sensores y Optimización de la Dinámica de Perforación
Brochure: Drilling Tools Quick Reference Guide
Brochure: Drilling Tools Quick Reference Guide (Chinese)
Brochure: Drillstring Vibrations and Vibration Modeling
Brochure: EcoScope
EcoScope Log Quality Control Reference Manual
Brochure: EcoScope
Brochure: EcoScope
Gamma Ray Quality Control Reference Manual
General Log Quality Control Reference Manual
Brochure: GeoSphere
Brochure: geoVISION
Brochure: GyroPulse
Brochure: High Temperature Drilling Operations
Folleto: Operaciones de Perforación en Ambientes de Altas Temperaturas
Brochure: HydraPulse Slide Drilling Performance System
Brochure: iPZIG At-Bit Inclination, Gamma Ray, and Imaging Service
Drilling & Measurements Log Quality Control Reference Manuals
Brochure: MicroScope
Brochure: MicroScope HD
Brochure: NeoScope
Brochura: NeoScope
Brochure: Neyrfor Turbodrills
Specification Handbook: Neyrfor Turbodrill
Brochure: OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling Intelligence Service
Brochure: Operation Support Center
Brochure: PeriScope
Brochure: PeriScope
Folleto: PeriScope
Brochure: PowerDrive Archer
Brochure: PowerDrive Archer (Chinese)
Brochure: PowerDrive Orbit
Brochure: PowerDrive vorteX
Brochure: PowerDrive vorteX (Chinese)
Brochure: PowerDrive vorteX
Folleto: PowerDrive vorteX
Brochure: PowerDrive X5
Brochure: PowerDrive X5 (Chinese)
Folleto: PowerDrive X5
Brochure: PowerDrive X6
Brochure: PowerDrive Xceed (Chinese)
Folleto: PowerDrive Xceed
Brochure: PowerDrive Xceed
Handboook: PowerPak Steerable Motor
Brochure: PowerV Vertical Drilling System
Folleto: PowerV
Brochure: proVISION
Brochure: proVISION Plus
Brochure: seismicVISION Seismic-While-Drilling Service
Brochure: SonicScope
SonicScope Log Quality Control Reference Manual
Brochure: sonicVISION
Brochure: StethoScope
Brochure: StethoScope
Folleto: StethoScope
Brochure: TDDirect Casing-Drilling and Liner-Drilling Technology
Folleto: TDDirect Tecnología de Perforación con Tubería de Revestimiento y Liner
Брошюра: TDDirect Технология бурения на обсадной колонне и хвостовике
Brochure: TeleScope
Brochure: TeleScope
Folleto: TeleScope
Brochure: ABC Analysis Behind Casing
Brochure: CHFR-Slim Cased Hole Formation Resistivity
Brochure: APS Accelerator Porosity Sonde
Client Book: ARI Azimuthal Resistivity Imager
Brochure: BestDT
Brochure: Carbonate Advisor
Brochure: CFA Composition Fluid Analyzer
Brochure: CHDT Cased Hole Dynamics Tester
Brochure: CMR-MDT
Brochure: CMR-Plus Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool
Brochure: DecisionXpress
Brochure: DeepLook-CS Crosswell Seismic Imaging Service
Brochure: DeepLook-EM
Brochure: Wireline High-Tension Conveyance System
Brochure: Dielectric Scanner
Brochure: ECS Elemental Capture Spectroscopy Sonde
Brochure: EM Pipe Scanner
Brochure: EMS Environmental Measurement Sonde
Brochure: FMI Fullbore Formation MicroImager
Brochure: FMI-HD High-Definition Formation Microimager
Brochure: FPIT Free Point Indicator Tool
Brochure: HRLA High-Resolution Laterolog Array
Brochure: InSitu Fluid Analyzer
Brochure: IPL Integrated Porosity Lithology
Brochure: LFA Live Fluid Analyzer
Brochure: Litho Scanner
Brochure: Log Data Toolbox Version 2.2
Brochure: LWF Logging While Fishing
Brochure: MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester
Folleto: Permeabilidad MDT Mediciones de la anisotropía
Brochure: MRF Magnetic Resonance Fluid
Brochure: MR Scanner
Brochure: Multi Express Slim
Brochure: OBMI Oil-Base MicroImager
Brochure: MDT Permeability Anisotropy Measurements
Brochure: Platform Express
Brochure: PressureXpress
Brochure: PressureXpress-HT
Brochure: Q-Borehole Explorer
Brochure: Quanta Geo
Brochure: Quicksilver Probe
Client Book: RST Reservoir Saturation Tool
Brochure: RSTPro
Brochure: Rt Scanner
Brochure: Saturn 3D Radial Probe
Brochure: SRFT Slimhole Repeat Formation Tester
Brochure: SlimXtreme
Brochure: Sonic Scanner
Brochure: Sonic Scanner
Brochure: ThruBit Logging Services
Brochure: TuffLINE Torque-Balanced Composite Wireline Cable
Brochure: UBI Ultrasonic Borehole Imager
Brochure: UltraTRAC All-Terrain Wireline Tractor
WellEye Installation Instructions
WellEye Release Notes
Brochure: XL-Rock
Brochure: TrackMaster CH Cased Hole Whipstock System
Brochure: TrackMaster OH Openhole Whipstock Sidetracking System
Brochure: TrackMaster OH-C Openhole Whipstock & Cementing System
Brochure: TrackMaster OH-C Openhole Whipstock & Cementing System (Chinese)
Brochure: Flag
Brochure: FLAIR Fluid Logging and Analysis in Real Time Service
Brochure: SENSU Rig Operations Surveillance and Instrumentation System
Brochure: Thema Drilling Operations Support and Analysis Service
Brochure: Geothermal Services
Brochure: InterACT Global Connectivity Service
Brochure: InterACT
Brochure: NExT Network of Excellence in Training
Brochure: ePrime
Brochure: Factory Drilling
Brochure: IPM Integrated Services (IS)
Brochure: Integrated Well Abandonment (IWA)
Brcohure: 3-Phase Separator
Brochure: @balance Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Drilling Services
Brochure: AURORA
Brochure: BEM-3
Brochure: BEM-600 Shaker
Brochure: BEM-650 Shaker
Brochure: Bioremediation Technology
Brochure: The CARBONTRACKER Gas-Flow Meter
Brochure: Choke Manifolds
Brochure: Completion Fluids Filtration
Brochure: Composite OEM and Replacement Screens
Brochure: Corrosion Management
Brochure: Cuttings Re-Injection
Brochure: DEEPTEC
Brochure: Deepwater Solutions
Brochure: Desorption Technologies
Brochure: Dewatering
Brochure: DIPRO
Brochure: Drilling Chokes
Brochure: DRILPLEX
Brochure: Environmental and Occupational-Health Concerns
Brochure: EXKAL
Brochure: Remove the barriers - EXKAL Solutions
Brochure: FAZEPRO
Brochure: FLOPRO CT
Brochure: FLOPRO NT
Brochure: FLOPRO SF
Brochure: FLOTHRU
Brochure: HDD Mining & Waterwell: Engineered Solutions for Minerals Exploration
Folleto: HDD Mining & Waterwell
Brochure: HDD MINING & WATERWELL Product Listing
Brochure: HPHT Solutions
Brochure: I-BOSS Strengthening While Drilling
Brochure: Refinery & Terminal Oil Storage Tank Cleaning and Sludge Management Services
Brochure: ISOTHERM
Brochure: KLA-SHIELD
Brochure: Low-Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors
Brochure: MD-2 Dual-Deck Shale Shaker
Brochure: MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker
Brochure: MEERKAT PT Shaker
Brochure: MEGADRIL
Brochure: Mongoose Pro Shaker
Brochure: MONGOOSE PT Shaker
Brochure: Mud-Mixing System
Brochure: MUDSOLV NG
Brochure: NECADD
Brochure: OPTM-IZER
Brochure: Pressure & Fluid Management System (PFMS)
Brochure: Process Control and Systems Integration
Brochure: Production Waster Management
Brochure: Project Engineering Group
Brochure: Purification Solutions
Brochure: RECLAIM Technology
Brochure: RHADIANT - Ultra-high-temperature non-aqueous drilling fluid
Brochure: RHELIANT
Brochure: RHELIANT PLUS Drilling Fluid System
Brochure: RHE-USE
Brochure: SAGDRIL
Brochure: Scale Management
Brochure: SCREEN PULSE Fluid & Cuttings Separator
Brochure: SEAL-N-PEEL
Brochure: SELECT Hg
Brochure: Extraordinary Capabilities for Unconventional Wells
Brochure: SILDRIL
Brochure: SMART 3D Displacement Services
Brochure: SMART RDF Technology
Brochure: Thermal Desorption
Brochure: Understanding the New API Screen Tests
Brochure: VERTI-G Cuttings Dryer
Brochura: Análise do Sistema Vibratório, Testes e Treinamento (VSAT)
Folleto: Programa de Analisis y Prueba de Sistemas Vibratorios (VSAT)
Brochure: WARP Advanced Fluids Technology
Folleto: WASP
Brochure: Waste Injection
Brochure: Wellbore Cleanup Magnets
Brochure: Capsule (Exposed) Guns Performance and Mechanical Data Summary
Brochure: eFire-Slickline Electronic Firing Head System
Brochure: Hollow Carrier Casing Gun Performance and Mechanical Summary
Brochure: High Shot Density Perforating Systems Performance and Mechanical Summary-Big Entrance Hole Shaped Charges
Brochure: High Shot Density Perforating Systems Performance and Mechanical Summary-Deep Penetrators
Brochure: OrientXact Perforating System
Brochure: Perforating Calendar
Brochure: PowerCutter Precision Tubular Cutter
Brochure: eFire Electronic Firing Head System
Brochure: Early Production Facilities
брошюра: Early Production Facilities
Diagram: Crude Oil Early Production Facilities
Diagram: Gas Compression/Dehydration Early Production Facilities
Diagram: Early Production Facility Overview
Diagram: Produced Water Treatment Early Production Facility System
Brochure: Flow Scanner
Brochure: GHOST Gas Holdup Optical Sensor Tool
Brochure: Isolation Scanner
Brochure: MaxTRAC Production Services Tractor
Brochure: Memory Slim Cement Bond Logging Tool
Brochure: ReSOLVE Instrumented Wireline Intervention Service
Brochure: Subsea Monitoring and Control Module
Brochure: Subsea Production Assurance Service
Brochure: TuffTRAC Cased Hole Services Tractor
Book: Ultrasonic Imaging Client
Brochure: New Frontier Advanced Multiclient Data Offshore Uruguay
Brochure: Multiscale Structural Interpretation Services
Brochure: Petrotechnical Expert Services
Brochure: Alternate Path Technology
Brochure: AquaPac Integrated Water Packing System
Brochure: Cased Hole Sand Control Essentials
Brochure: Cased Hole Sand Control Solutions
Brochure: Cased Hole Sand Control Techniques
Brochure: OptiPac Alternate Path Systems for Openhole Completions
Brochure: Screenless Sand Control Completions
Brochure: Screenless Sand Control Completions
Brochure: Transcend Openhole Sand Management Services
Brochure: Offshore Borehole Seismic Sources
Brochure: SWINGS Seismic Navigation and Positioning System
Brochure: Versatile Seismic Imager
Brochure: OPTICall Thermal Profile and Investigation Service
Brochure: Slickline Measurement and Activation Services
Brochure: Direct XCD Drillable Alloy
Casing Bit

Folleto: Direct XCD Barrena Para Tubería de Revestimiento de Aleación Perforable
Brochure: Impax Diamond-Enhanced Insert (DEI) Hammer Bits
Brochure: IDEAS
Integrated Drillbit Design Platform

Brochure: IDEAS
Integrated Drillbit Design Platform (Chinese)

Brochure: Kaldera High-Temperature Roller Cone Drill Bits
Brochure: Kaldera High-Temperature Roller Cone Drill Bits (Chinese)
Brochure: Kinetic Diamond-Impregnated Drill Bits
Brochure: Kinetic Diamond-Impregnated Drill Bits (Chinese)
Brochure: ONYX PDC Cutters
Brochure: ONYX II PDC Cutters
Brochure: ONYX II PDC Cutters (Chinese)
Brochure: ONYX 360 Rolling PDC Cutter
Brochure: RockStorm PDC Cutter Technology
Brochure: SHARC PDC Drill Bits
Brochure: SHARC PDC Drill Bits (Chinese)
Brochure: Spear PDC Drill Bits
Brochure: Spear PDC Drill Bits (Chinese)
Brochure: StingBlade Conical Diamond Element Bit
Brochure: Stinger Conical Diamond Element
Brochure: Viking Drill Bits
Brochure: DRILCO Rig Floor and Drilling Packages
Brochure: DRILCO Inspection Services
Brochure: Port Fourchon Dockside Tubular Support Center
Brochure: Premium Drillpipe for Optimal Performance
Brochure: Defender Premium
Hardbanding Wires

Brochure: DRILCO Premium Tubulars
Brochure: Ezy-Torq Hydraulic Cathead
Brochure: Hydra-Jar AP Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar
Brochure: HydraQuaker Hydraulic Drilling Jar
Brochure: DRILCO Mobile Hardbanding
Brochure: OnGauge Torque-Reduction Sealed-Bearing Roller Reamer
Folleto: OnGauge Rectificador de Rodillos con Cojinetes Sellados para la Reducción del Torque
Brochure: Rhino Integrated Borehole Enlargement System
Brochure: Rhino XC On-Demand Hydraulically Actuated Reamer
Brochure: Shock Sub Impact and Vibration Reduction Sub
Folleto: Shock Sub Amortiguador Para la Reducción de Impactos y Vibraciones
Brochure: CoilFRAC Stimulation through Coiled Tubing
Brochure: DeepSTIM Stimulation Vessels
Brochure: FlexSTIM Pronto Offshore Stimulation Equipment System
Brochure: Galaxie
Brochure: PropNet
Brochure: ScaleMAT
Brochure: SPARK
Diagram: Subsea Integrity Surveillance
Diagram: Subsea Process Surveillance
Diagram: Subsea Production Surveillance
Brochure: subC-collar
Brochure: subC-mat
Brochure: Schlumberger Subsea Surveillance
Poster: Schlumberger Subsea Surveillance
Brochure: Characterization of Fractured Reservoirs
Folleto: Caracterización de los yacimientos fracturados
Brochure: Carbonate Reservoirs: Meeting Unique Challenges to Maximize Recovery
Folleto: Yacimientos Carbonatados: Enfrentando sus Desafíos Singulares para Maximizar la Recuperación
Brochure: Explore New Horizons in Heavy Oil
Folleto: Explore Nuevos Horizontes en Petróleos Pesados
Brochure: Realizing Potential
Brochure: Heavy Oil Rewards
Folleto: Obtenga el Maximo Potencial de su Camp
Brochure: Coalbed Methane Solutions: Optimizing production from coalbed methane reservoirs
Brochure: Coalbed Methane Consulting Services: Experienced specialists providing consulting services worldwide
Brochure: Well Evaluation for Coalbed Methane: Logging solutions for optimizing field development
Brochure: Completion and Stimulation: Transforming Shale Gas Reservoirs into Economically Successful Ventures
Brochure: Consulting Services: Delivering Informed Decisions for Shale Gas Investments
Brochure: Well Evaluation: An Integrated Well-Evaluation Process for Shale Gas Reservoirs
Brochure: Engineered Solutions for Optimizing Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoirs
Brochure: Middle East Tight Gas Center of Excellence
Brochure: Unconventional Resources
Brochure: Recursos no convencionales
Brochure: Testing Services for Heavy Oil
Brochure: SenTURIAN Family
Brochure: SenTURIAN Large-Bore Subsea Landing String Electrohydraulic Operating System
Brochure: Subsea Well Control Services
Brochure: Modular Compact Well Test System
Brochure: PhaseSampler Multiphase Fluid Sampling and Analysis
Brochure: PhaseSampler Multiphase Fluid Sampling and Analysis
Brochure: Vx Technology Surface Multiphase Flowmeter
Brochure: Signature Quartz Gauges
Brochure: Quartet-HT High-Performance Downhole Reservoir Testing System
Brochure: Quartet Downhole Reservoir Testing System Enabled by Wireless Telemetry
Brochure: Real-Time Well Testing
Brochure: PVT Express
eBrochure: CleanPhase Well Test Separator
Brochure: ClearPhase
Brochure: Testing Services
Brochure: Vx Spectra Surface Multiphase Flowmeter
Brochure: Testing Services Training
Brochure: Aquifer Storage and Recovery
Brochura: Gerenciamento de Drenagem de Mina
Brochure: Dewatering Well Placement
Brochure: Oilfield Water Management
Folleto: Manejo De Aguas Para Yacimientos Petrolíferos
Brochure: Water Management
Brochure: Water Management for Coalbed Methane
Brochure: Water Management for Mines
Folleto: Manejo de Aguas para la Minería
Brochure: IsoMetrix
Brochure: SimSource Simultaneous Seismic Source Marine Acquisition & Processing
Brochure: UniQ System Sales