Technical Papers - List

Technical Papers
Technical Paper: Auto, Natural or In-Situ Gas Lift Systems Explained
Technical Paper: Application of Real-time ESP Data Processing and Interpretation in Permian Basin "Brownfield" Operation
Technical Paper: Pushing the Boundaries of Artificial Lift Applications: SAGD ESP Installations in Canada
Technical Paper: ESP Operation, Optimization and Performance Review: ConocoPhillips China Inc. Bohai Bay Project
Technical Paper: The Quest to Understand ESP Performance and Reliability at 220°C Ambient and Beyond
Technical Paper: First Successful Offshore ESP Project in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Production Monitoring and Surveillance of ESP Wells: Maximizing Production and Recovery in a Volatile Economic Environment
Technical Paper: Getting Smarter and Hotter With ESPs for SAGD
Technical Paper: How 24/7 Real-Time Surveillance Increases ESP Run Life and Uptime
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting in Heterogeneous Reservoirs without Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Poseidon Gas Handling Technology: A Case Study of Three ESP Wells in the Congo
Technical Paper: Successful Offshore Deployment of the First Bottom Discharge ESP in Saudi Aramco
Technical Paper: Obtaining Real-Time Flow Rate, Water Cut, and Reservoir Diagnostics from ESP Gauge Data
Technical Paper: Laslau Mare Field, a Successful Case of Production Optimization in Brownfield Rehabilitation
Technical Paper: ESP Retrievable Technology: A Solution to Enhance ESP Production While Minimizing Costs
Technical Paper: Alternative Deployment of an ESP System in South America
Technical Paper: Using Dynamic Simulation to Assess Effectiveness of Downhole Pump for Gas Well Deliquification
Technical Paper: Successful First Offshore Fully Retrievable ESP System Installation in Congo
Technical Paper: Tandem-ESP-Packer Dumpflood Completion – A Successful Alternative to Conventional Encapsulated ESP systems – Field Case Study
Technical Paper: First Successful Experience of Hardened Stages for Sandy Wells at Northern Llanos Field, Case History
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Alley: Improving ESP Run Life In A Co2 Flood
Technical Paper: Benefits from Installing the Advanced Gas Handler in Conjunction with ESPs in Maxus SES Fields
Technical Paper: Streamline Operation of ESP Systems in the Ecuadorian Jungle
Technical Paper: Electrical Submersible Pumps for Geothermal Applications
Technical Paper: Use of Failure Analysis Techniques to Improve Reliability by Material Selection in SAGD Applications
Technical Paper: Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage with Electric Submersible Pumping Systems
Technical Paper: ESP Design Changes for High GLR and High Sand Production; Apache Stag Project
Technical Paper: The Challenge of Federation of Information for Automated Surveillance of ESPs: Field Examples
Technical Paper: Artificial Lift ESP Solutions for the Unconventional Plays in Eagle Ford Shale
Technical Paper: Development of Jubarte Field: From Project Basis to Operational Challenges and Solutions
Technical Paper: A Novel Approach to Retrofitting ESPs into Existing Subsea Wells
Technical Paper: ESP System Configurations with Flexibility to Manage Unconventional Wells in the Mississippi Lime Formation
Technical Paper: Pioneering Completion and Production Techniques for Unconventional Plays in the Permian Basin
Technical Paper: Managing Unsteady Multiphase Flow from Horizontal Wells with ESP Systems
Technical Paper: Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase Flow Performance with Electrical Submersible Pump and Helico-Axial Pump
Technical Paper: Jubarte—An Approach to the Operation of Deepwater ESPs
Technical Paper: Case History of Successfully Controlled Shutdown and Startup of ESP in Llanos Norte Field
Technical Paper: Improved Dehydration and Desalting of Mature Crude Oil Fields
Technical Paper: Electrostatic Dehydration of Heavy Oil from Polymer Flood with Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide
Technical Paper: Effective Dehydration of Canadian Heavy Crude Oil and Dilbit
Technical Paper: Jackup Drilling on Conventional Subsea Wellheads
Technical Paper: Improved Desalting of Challenging Crude Slates
Technical Paper: Successful Installation of Multistage Choke Valve Technology in Water Flowlines to Reduce High Pressure Drop Across Choke Valves
Technical Paper: Developing Reliability in Hydraulic Stimulation Operations
Technical Paper: Corrosion Rate Measurement of a Downhole Tubular Steel at Different CO2 Partial Pressures and Temperatures and Calculation of the Activation Energy of the Corrosion Process
Technical Paper: Stress Corrosion Cracking Evolution of Low-Alloy Downhole Tubular Steel in CO2 Containing Environment at 175 degC
Technical Paper: Compact Electrostatic Treaters for Floating Offshore Production Facilities
Technical Paper: Compact and Lightweight Equipment for Floating Production Systems
Technical Paper: 2-Prong Approach for Improved Operating Range of Electrostatic Crude Oil Treaters
Technical Paper: Brownfield HAZOP/PHA Application for Residual Risk Removal Creating a Safer Future from Current Studies
Technical Paper: Design Method Combining API and ASME Codes for Subsea Equipment for HPHT Conditions up to 25,000-psi Pressure and 400-degF Temperature
Technical Paper: An Innovative Solution to Accurately Address Water Detection in Subsea Wet Gas Conditions and Provide Accurate Condensate Gas Ratio (CGR)
Technical Paper: Representative Subsea Sampling—A Key Enabler for Flow Assurance and Better Metering Uncertainty
Technical Paper: Subsea Business: Fiscal Allocation, a New Endeavour for a Better Wet Gas and Multiphase Measurement
Technical Paper: Wet Gas Performance of a Low Energy Gamma Ray Multiphase Meter
Technical Paper: Subsea High Boost Multiphase Pump System Development and Applications
Technical Paper: A New Environmental Lubricant Supports Key Subsea Boosting and Compression Technology
Technical Paper: How to Increase Recovery of Hydrocarbons Utilizing Subsea Processing Technology
Technical Paper: The Future of Electric Controls—Trees and Subsea Processing
Technical Paper: Innovative Liquid Detection Sensors for Wet Gas Subsea Business to Improve Gas-Condensate Flow Rate Measurement and Flow Assurance Issue
Technical Paper: Offshore Tandem Loading of LNG—from Idea to System Approval
Technical Paper: Advances in Power Feedthrough Connector Technology for HP ESP Applications
Technical Paper: Operation of Subsea Electrical Power Systems
Technical Paper: Design Method and LRFD for HPHT Subsea Equipment for Extreme and Survival Load Conditions
Technical Paper: Benchmarking and Dynamic Simulation of Direct Electrical Heating (DEH) Operations in a Subsea Flowline
Technical Paper: Dynamic Simulation of Integrated Pipeline and Process Models to Investigate Slug Flow Impact on Subsea Compact Separation
Technical Paper: Using a Unified Controls System for Subsea Production and Pump Controls
Technical Paper: Scale Deposition Control and Management in Subsea Fields
Technical Paper: Wellhead Design for Fatigue Optimization
Technical Paper: Subsea Smart Crossing—An Innovative Solution to Simplify Field Architecture and Enable Cost Effective Installations of Subsea Pipelines for Long-Tie Backs, Scarp and Canyon Crossings, and Ultra-Deepwater Applications
Technical Paper: An Innovative Damper for Subsea Pipeline and Jumper Vibration Controls
Technical Paper: Qualification and Development of the World's First High Pressure Subsea Boosting System for the Jack and St. Malo Field Development
Technical Paper: Cost-Effective HPHT Design Methods Using External and Seawater Depth Pressures
Technical Paper: CO2 Injection in a Saline Formation: How Do Additional Data Change Uncertainties in Our Reservoir Simulation Predictions?
Technical Paper: High-Impact-Resistant Cement Allows Challenging Sidetrack in Abu Dhabi
Technical Paper: An Innovative Inert Material to Cure the Losses in the Brent Depleted Reservoirs—North Sea Case Histories
Technical Paper: Engineered Cement Set Control Additive—Solution for a Long Standing Cementing Challenge
Technical Paper: Successful innovative water-shutoff operations in low-permeability gas wells
Technical Paper: Self-healing cement-novel technology to achieve leak-free wells
Technical Paper: Solution for a Long-Standing Cementing Challenge—Engineered Cement Set Control Additive
Technical Paper: Cementing a production formation with low-fracture-pressure gradient in Wafra field, Kuwait
Technical Paper: Successful application of novel cementing technology in Hassi-Messaoud, Algeria
Technical Paper: Innovative Computer Model Increases Success Rate When Placing Deep Kickoff Plugs in Southern Mexico
Technical Paper: Self-Healing Cement System—A Step Forward in Reducing Long-Term Environmental Impact
Technical Paper: Cementing in HPHT Gas Environment Using a Novel Flexible And Expandable Cement Technology To Withstand Pressure And Temperature Cycles
Technical Paper: Flexible, Expanding Cement System Successfully Provides Zonal Isolation Across Marcellus Shale Trends
Technical Paper: Fiber Technology Simply and Effectively Cures Total Losses in Southern Mexico Without Knowing Size of Fractures
Technical Paper: New Thermally Responsive Cement for Heavy Oil Wells
Technical Paper: Foam Cement Job Simulations: Learning from Field Measurements
Technical Paper: Successful Implementation of Engineered Fiber Based Loss Circulation Control Solution to Effectively Cure Losses While Drilling, Cementing and Work Over Operations in Oman
Technical Paper: Successful Cementing Based on New Design Methodology for Displacement of Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid
Technical Paper: Don’t Get Stung Setting Balanced Cement Plugs: A Look at Current Industry Practices for Placing Cement Plugs in a Wellbore Using a Stinger or Tail-Pipe
Technical Paper: Degradable Fiber Pill for Lost Circulation in Fractured Reservoir Sections
Technical Paper: Application of Real-Time Process Control and Engineering Software Simulation in Foam Cementing
Technical Paper: Engineered Fiber-Based Loss Circulation Control Pills To Successfully Combat Severe Loss Circulation Challenges During Drilling and Casing Cementing in Northern Pakistan
Technical Paper: Overcoming Losses in Tophole Sections in Deepwater Namibia
Technical Paper: ECD Management Solves Lost Circulation Issues in Cementing Narrow Pressure Window: A Case Study
Technical Paper: A Statistical Evaluation of Cement Placement Techniques By Use of Cement Bond Index
Technical Paper: Proactive Novel Approach and Design Strategies to Zonal Isolation in a Highly Challenging Deep Water Environment
Technical Paper: How Knowledge Management Has Played a Key Role in Deepwater Cementing: A Service Company's Perspective
Technical Paper: Beating the Odds with Channeling in ERD Well Cementing: Solution to Persistent Channeling Problems
Technical Paper: Maintaining Well Integrity in Underground Gas Storage Wells in China Using a Novel Cementing Technology
Technical Paper: Successful Cementing of Ultra HTHP Wells under Managed Pressure Drilling Technique
Technical Paper: Implementation of a Fit-for-Purpose Cementing Technology for the First Gas Hydrate Production in Japan
Technical Paper: Successful High-Density Cement Plugs in an HP/HT Presalt Deepwater Well in Brazil’s Santos Basin
Technical Paper: Successful Cement Plug In HPHT Pre-Salt Offshore Well in Brazil
Technical Paper: A Case Study, Long Cement Plugs in Ultradeepwater Environment in French Guiana—Challenges and Solutions
Technical Paper: Overcoming Lost Circulation While Cementing Riserless Tophole in Deepwater
Technical Paper: Riserless Plug and Abandonment of Pilot Holes in Ultradeep Water
Technical Paper: Plug and Abandonment Using Reverse Cement Placement Technique in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Low-Temperature Dispersant Improves Cement Slurry Properties in Deepwater Operations
Technical Paper: A Practical Approach to Multiwell Decommissioning
Technical Paper: Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnoses on Deepwater Cement Barrier Placement: Case Studies from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Canada
Technical Paper: Use of Surfactant in Cement Slurry to Mitigate Incompatibility with Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluids
Technical Paper: Mitigation Strategies for the Risk of CO2 Migration Through Wellbores
Technical Paper: Engineered Solid Package Enables Lifting Cement in the Permian Basin
Technical Paper: Cost Effective Field Applications Utilizing Coiled Tubing Inflatable Packer System in South Mexico
Technical Paper: Stimulation With Innovative Fluid-Placement Methodology and World First Production Logging With Fiber Optic Enabled Coiled Tubing (CT)
Technical Paper: Effect of Real Time Measurements and Analysis on Carbonate Stimulation in Horizontal Open Hole Producers - Lessons Learned at Eocene Field in the Partitioned Zone
Technical Paper: Inversion of Distributed-Temperature-Sensing Logs to Measure Zonal Coverage During and After Wellbore Treatments with Coiled Tubing
Technical Paper: Redefinition of Well Interventions in Naturally-Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs through Real-Time Coiled Tubing-Deployed, Fiber Optic Monitoring
Trabajo Técnico: Redefinición de las intervenciones de pozos en yacimientos carbonatados naturalmente fracturados mediante el monitoreo en tiempo real con fibra óptica desplegada con tubería flexible
Technical Paper: Fiber-Optic Technology Allows Real-Time Production Logging Well Campaign To Continue Where Traditional Logging Tools Fell Short
Technical Paper: Successful Cementing Through Coiled Tubing E-Line: An Economical Solution for Coiled Tubing Drilling Applications
Technical Paper: Case History: Pilot Project With Coiled Tubing Drilling in Offshore South China Sea
Technical Paper: A New Methodology for Stimulation of a High-Water-Cut Horizontal Oil Well through the Combination of a Smart Chemical System with Real-Time Temperature Sensing: A Case Study of South Umm Gudair Field, PZ Kuwait
Technical Paper: Drilling Performance Optimization on Malaysia's First Coiled Tubing Drilling Pilot Project: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Peninsular Malaysia Coiled Tubing Drilling Case Study: Atypical Approach to An Unconventional Drilling Technique
Technical Paper: Case Study: Completion Design and Operation in High Dogleg Coiled Tubing Drilling Wells
Technical Paper: Coil Tubing Furan Resin Sand Consolidation Treatment on Multi Layered Formation in Peninsular Malaysia
Technical Paper: Achieving Optimum Placement of Stimulating Fluids in Multilayered Carbonate Reservoirs: A Novel Approach
Technical Paper: Case History: Sand Handling and Hydrocarbon Containment During a Coiled Tubing Cleanout of a Live Deepwater Well
Technical Paper: A Safe and Efficient Approach to 3 5/8" Coiled Tubing Reentry Drilling in Deep Gas Applications in Saudi Arabia; Successful Introduction of a New Wired CTD System
Technical Paper: Evolution of Coiled Tubing Industry in Offshore Mexico over the Last Decade
Technical Paper: First Offshore Coiled Tubing Intervention Using a Catenary System in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Improving Coiled Tubing Operational Capabilities to Overcome New HPHT Challenges in Mexico Offshore
Technical Paper: Coiled Tubing Operations on a Multi-Service Vessel for Deep Water Well Interventions in the Gulf of Mexico: A Decade of Experience
Technical Paper: An Innovative Integrated Methodology to Deliquify Gas Well Using In-Well Live Performance Coiled Tubing for Velocity String Selection and Deployment: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Steel Coiled Tubing Defect Evaluation Using Magnetic Flux Leakage Signals
Technical Paper: Modeling and Validating Pressure Transient Effects on Inflatable Bridge Plugs during Coiled Tubing Conveyed Perforating
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Fiber-Optic-Enabled Coiled Tubing and Inflatable Packer Used for Testing the Formation's Upper Zone
Technical Paper: 2 3/8- and 2 7/8-in OD Coiled Tubing Operations in Gulf of Mexico Shelf: A Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Way to Prepare for Re-Entry of Wells to Conform to New BSEE Regulations
Technical Paper: Managing Risk and Reaping Reward in a High Temperature, High H2S, Extended Reach Environment: A Case Study of a Coiled Tubing Stimulation Campaign in the UAE
Technical Paper: Isolation of Water Producing Interval in a Horizontal Well Completed with Multistage Fracturing System Using Two CT Inflatable Bridge Plugs
Technical Paper: Journey of a Coiled Tubing Catenary Operation: Best Practice at South China Sea
Technical Paper: A Systematic Approach to Horizontal Well Perforating With Coiled Tubing in the South China Sea, Malaysia
Technical Paper: Adaptability of Coiled Tubing Technology Enables Complex Well Abandonment in Gulf of Mexico Inland Waters
Technical Paper: Optimizing Pipe Management with a New Approach of Coiled Tubing Integrity Monitoring
Technical Paper: Extending Coiled Tubing Frontiers to Ultradeep, High-Pressure Well Interventions in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: A Technical Feasibility Study
Technical Paper: Recent Developments in Mechanical Descaling Operations: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: A Novel Fatigue Assessment of CT with Defects Based on Magnetic Flux Leakage
Technical Paper: Surpassing the Challenges of CT Interventions in a Trilateral Extended Reach Well in the Arabian Gulf
Technical Paper: Successful Offshore Coiled Tubing Well Intervention in Mega-Reach Wells in the Russian Caspian: A 4-Well Case Study
Technical Paper: Coiled Tubing Completes Unique High-Pressure Well Abandonments in Remote Alaska Field
Technical Paper: Turbodrill Bottomhole Assembly and Real-Time Data Improve Through-Tubing Coiled-Tubing Drilling Operations in Sour Gas Well
Technical Paper: Successful Coiled Tubing Based Selective Stimulation of a Remote Well in Challenging Offshore Environment: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Saudi Arabia's Manifa Giant Offshore Field Development: The Role of Technology
Technical Paper: Benefits Evaluation of Deepwater Intelligent Completion on Three Isolated Productive Zones Offshore Nigeria
Technical Paper: Intelligent Completions and Horizontal Wells Increase Production and Reduce Free-Gas and Water in Mature Fields
Technical Paper: Implementation of Next Generation Intelligent Downhole Production Control in Multiple-Dipping Sandstone Reservoirs, Offshore East Malaysia
Technical Paper: Pioneer Application of a Hydraulic Line Wet Mate Connect System in Combination with a Pod ESP in a Dual Lateral Intelligent Completion Well
Technical Paper: Powering Through a Lateral Junction for ERC Wells—Is It Really a Step Too Far?
Technical Paper: New Generation Intelligent Completion System Integrates Downhole Control with Monitoring in Multilateral Wells
Technical Paper: Prototype Test of an All-Electric Intelligent Completion System for Extreme Reservoir Contact Wells
Technical Paper: Intelligent Field Infrastructure: Distributed Intelligence and Retention Based System
Technical Paper: Compact Intelligent Completion: A Game Change for Shushufindi Field
Technical Paper: Achieving Operation Efficiency and Enhancing Production in a Brownfield With Multizone Gravel-Packed Intelligent Completions: Two Case Studies From Malaysia
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Intelligent Completions in Al Khalij Field
Technical Paper: A Full-Scale Two-Phase Flow Loop Test of Downhole Permanent Multiphase Flowmeter
Technical Paper: The Value of Transient Temperature Responses in Testing Operations
Technical Paper: Interpretation of Non-Isothermal Testing Data Based on the Numerical Simulation
Technical Paper: Real-Time Production Optimization of an Intelligent Well Offshore, Caspian Sea
Technical Paper: Advanced Intelligent Completion Solution for Extended-Reach Wells
Technical Paper: Real-Time Surveillance and Optimization of Wells with Intelligent Completions in Ecuador
Technical Paper: Drilling for the Next Generation of Multilateral Completion Systems
Technical Paper: Surface-controlled Formation Isolation Valves and Their Application as a Barrier for Temporary Well Suspension
Technical Paper: Advanced Drillable Aluminum Plug Technology Solves Operational Concerns: Pinedale Wyoming
Technical Paper: An Efficient Horizontal Cased Hole Multistage Stimulation Well: China Case Story
Technical Paper: Has the Economic Stage Count Been Reached in the Bakken Shale?
Technical Paper: Sleeve Activation in Open-hole Fracturing Systems: A Ball Selection Study
Technical Paper: Streamlined Completions Process: An Eagle Ford Shale Case History
Technical Paper: Application and Benefits of Dissolvable Technology in Open Hole Fracturing
Technical Paper: Degradable Alternative to Risky Millout Operations in Plug and Perf
Technical Paper: Infinite Plug and Perf - The Value of a Full Bore Degradable System
Technical Paper: Case History of the First TAML Level 5 Junction on a Rod Pump Well
Technical Paper: TAML-5 Intelligent ERD Offshore Well: A Case Story of Successful Application in the North Caspian
Technical Paper: Completion Design for Sandface Monitoring of Subsea Wells
Technical Paper: Using DTS Flow Measurements Below Electrical Submersible Pumps to Optimize Production from Depleted Reservoirs by Changing Injection Support Around the Well
Technical Paper: Monitoring Flow and Completion Integrity of a North Sea Subsea HPHT Appraisal Well During an Extended Well Test Using Permanently Installed Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensors
Technical Paper: Highest Reliability Provides World Class Benchmark for Permanent Downhole Monitoring Installation and Data Delivery in Malaysia
Technical Paper: Characterizing Reservoir Thermofacies by Using Distributed Temperature Sensing Measurements
Technical Paper: Reducing Intervention in Subsea Wells with Fiber-Optic Technology
Technical Paper: Highest Reliability Provides World-Class Benchmark For Permanent Downhole Monitoring Installation And Data Delivery In Malaysia
Technical Paper: In-Situ Temperature Measurement of Gas Hydrate Dissociation During the World-First Offshore
Production Test

Technical Paper: Numerical Simulation on the Impact of Temperature Behavior for Cement Hydration for the World's First Offshore Methane Hydrate Production Test
Technical Paper: A Deepwater Sandface Monitoring System for Offshore Gas Hydrate Production
Technical Paper: The Importance of Asphaltene Deposition Measurements in the Design and Operation of Subsea Pipelines
Technical Paper: Hydraulic-Fracture Propagation in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir
Technical Paper: A Systematic Workflow Process for Heavy Oil Characterization: Experimental Techniques and Challenges
Technical Paper: Imaging Texture and Porosity in Mudstones and Shales: Comparison of Secondary and Ion-Milled Backscatter SEM Methods
Technical Paper: Hydraulic Fracture Crossing Natural Fracture at Non-orthogonal Angles, A Criterion, Its Validation and Applications
Technical Paper: Mechanically Induced Fracture Face Skin - Insights From Laboratory Testing And Numerical Modelling
Technical Paper: Improving Horizontal Completions on Heterogeneous Tight Shales
Technical Paper: Improved Petrophysical Core Measurements on Tight Shale Reservoirs Using Retort and Crushed Samples
Technical Paper: Challenges of Heavy Oil Fluid Sampling and Characterization
Technical Paper: Reconciling Retort versus Dean Stark Measurements on Tight Shales
Technical Paper: Novel Method of Production Back-Allocation Using Geochemical Fingerprinting
Technical Paper: Understanding Permeability Measurements in Tight Shales Promotes Enhanced Determination of Reservoir Quality
Technical Paper: Novel Measurement of Asphaltene Content in Oil Using Microfluidic Technology
Technical Paper: Isolated-Cell Pressure-Decay Testing for Fast Characterization of Ultralow Rock Permeability and Gas Slippage Effects
Technical Paper: Clay Typing, Mineralogy, Kerogen Content and Kerogen Characterization from DRIFTS Analysis of Cuttings or Core
Technical Paper: Advanced Core Analysis Methodologies Quantify and Characterize Prolific Liquid Hydrocarbon Quantities in the Vaca Muerta Shale
Technical Paper: The Effect of Laminated Heterogeneity in Wellbore Stability and Completion of Tight Gas Shale Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Deposition Measurement and Modeling for Flow Assurance of Subsea Tubings and Pipelines
Technical Papers: Variation of the Asphaltene Onset Pressure due to Reservoir Fluid Disequilibrium
Technical Paper: Live Oils Novel Organic Solid Deposition and Control Device
Technical Paper: Direct Hydrodynamic Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Porous Rock
Technical Paper: Skin Calculation and Other Applications with New Sonic Measurement in the Gulf of Thailand
Technical Paper: Modelling of Depletion-Induced Microseismic Events by Coupled Reservoir Simulation: Application to Valhall Field
Technical Paper: Improved Petrology & Petrophysics Characterization of Complex Siliciclastic Reservoirs through Integrated Logs Analysis- Case Study in South China Sea
Technical Paper: 3D Coupled Reservoir Geomechanics Study for Pressure, Water Production, and Oil Production Simulation: Application in Umm-Gudair Field, West Kuwait
Technical Paper: Title Dual-Permeability Models for Coupled Reservoir Geomechanical Modeling: Application to Field Production Data
Technical Paper: Wellbore Alteration - It's Implications on Measurement of Formation Properties
Technical Paper: An Integrated Reservoir Simulation-Geomechanical Study on Feasibility of CO2 Storage in M4 Carbonate Reservoir, Malaysia
Technical Paper: Review of Methods for Uniaxial Compressive Rock Strength Estimation in Deepwater Formation With Uncertainty Quantification in Wellbore Stability Analysis in Absence of Core Measurements
Technical Paper: Foam-Assisted WAG, Snorre Revisit with New Foam Screening Model
Technical Paper: Understanding Shale Heterogeneity - Key to Minimizing Drilling Problems in Horn River Basin
Technical Paper: Prediction of Injection Induced Formation Shear
Technical Paper: Evaluating Horizontal Well Completion Effectiveness in a Field Development Program
Technical Paper: Geomechanics Characterization of the Clastics and Carbonates Formation of Southern Fields of Mexico (2005 - 2009)
Technical Paper: Real Time Drilling Geomechanics: Successful Application in an Inclined Well in Ultra-deepwater off East Coast of India
Technical Paper: Numerical Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Middle Bakken and Upper Three Forks Tight Oil Reservoirs of the Williston Basin
Technical Paper: Pre-Drill WBS Evaluation: Plane of Weakness and Well Design—A Case Study in the South of Mexico
Technical Paper: Examination of Hydraulic Fracture Production Modeling Techniques
Technical Paper: Caprock Integrity Case Study for Nonthermal Polymer Flooding Project Using 4D Reservoir Coupled Geomechanical Simulation
Technical Paper: Systematic Evaluation of Unconventional Resource Plays Using a New Play-Based Exploration Methodology
Technical Paper: 3-D Geomechanical Modeling and Wellbore Stability Analysis in Abu Butabul Field
Technical Paper: Multidisciplinary and Integrated Methodology for Deepwater Thinly Bedded Reservoirs Characterization
Technical Paper: Drilling Adjacent to Salt Bodies: Definition of Mud Weight Window and Pore Pressure Using Numerical Models and Fast Well Planning Tool
Technical Paper: 3D Modeling of Multistage Hydraulic Fractures and Two-Way Coupling Geomechanics: Fluid Flow Simulation of a Horizontal Well in the Nikanassin Tight Gas Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Technical Paper: Production Decline Analysis of Horizontal Wells Intersecting Multiple Transverse Vertical Hydraulic Fractures in Low-Permeability Shale Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Reservoir Geomechanics Study for Deepwater Field Identifies Ways to Maximize Reservoir Performance While Reducing Geomechanics Risks
Technical Paper: Advanced 3D Geomechanics For Well Design In North Africa
Technical Paper: Innovative Wireline Logging Acquisition Coupled With Advanced Data Processing and Integration Allows Accurate Identification of Pay and Formation Fluids in Complex Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Effects of Economic Analysis on Re-Development of a Gas Field - Lessons Learned From a Reservoir Simulation Study
Technical Paper: Integrated Operations (IO) Design and Model for Samarang Field Conceptual Study
Technical Paper: Asset Development Drivers in the Bakken and Three Forks
Technical Paper: Utilization of Microseismic Event Source Parameters for the Calibration of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Models
Technical Paper: Evaluating the Impact of Mineralogy, Natural Fractures and In Situ Stresses on Hydraulically Induced Fracture System Geometry in Horizontal Shale Wells
Technical Paper: The First Successful StimMAP Job in the Middle East, Deep Tight Gas Exploration Well in Oman
Technical Paper: Logging While Drilling Resistivity Images For Geosteering
Technical Paper: Marcellus Shale Gas Asset Optimization Driven by Technology Integration
Technical Paper: Advanced Reservoir Evaluation Using Downhole Fluid Analysis and Asphaltene Flory-Huggins-Zuo EoS
Technical Paper: Dielectric Measurement Improves Formation Water Saturation Evaluation in Variable Water Salinity Conditions, Upper Bahariya Formation, Egypt
Technical Paper: Guiding Drilling by Look Ahead Using Seismic and LWD Data
Technical Paper: Evaluation of Scale Mitigation Options for a Mature Gas Field
Technical Paper: Analytical Reservoir Simulation and Its Applications to Conventional and Unconventional Resources
Technical Paper:Joint Inversion of Time-Lapse Crosswell Seismic and Production Data for Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization
Technical Paper: Integration of Geological & Coupled 3D Geomechanical Modeling to Evaluate Gas Injection Risk—A Due-Diligence Study Prior to iWAG Injection Development for the Bokor Field, Offshore Malaysia
Technical Paper: Application of Digital Rock Technology for Chemical EOR Screening
Technical Paper: Making EOR an Integral Part of the Redevelopment Strategy of a Matured Offshore Oilfield
Technical Paper: EOR: Challenges of Translating Fine Scale Displacement into Full Field Models -Part 2
Technical Paper: Quantifying the Effect of Drilling Azimuth in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Seismic Guided Drilling: Near Real Time 3D Updating of Subsurface Images and Pore Pressure Model
Technical Paper: Reducing Target Uncertainties and Guiding Drilling Using Seismic While Drilling Technology, a Novel Approach in Andaman Sea Deepwater
Technical Paper: Integrated Workflow Towards Characterizing Hydraulic Fractures in Tight Gas Reservoirs-Modeling, Uncertainty Analysis, History Matching & Production Forecasting
Technical Paper: Meeting the Challenge of Reservoir Simulation in the World's Largest Clastic Oil Field - The Greater Burgan Field Complex, Kuwait
Technical Paper: sCore: A Mineralogy Based Classification Scheme for Organic Mudstones
Technical Paper: Paleogeomorphology Analysis and its Application in Exploration and Production of Karstic Ordovician Carbonate
Technical Paper: Advanced Reservoir and Tar Mat Evaluation Using Downhole Fluid Analysis and Asphaltene Flory-Huggins-Zuo EoS
Technical Paper: Best Practices and Application of Integrated Fit for Purpose Technologies to Revitalise High Water Cut Mature Fields—A Case History from Offshore South China
Technical Paper: Real Time Velocity and Pore Pressure Model Calibration in Exploration Drilling
Technical Paper: Unlocking the Potential of Complex Marginal Reservoir in Highly Mature Oil Field, XiJiang24 South China Sea
Technical Paper: Development Optimisation of a Marginal Oil Field in Bohai Bay China - Integrated Solutions to Overcome Challenges in Offshore Horizontal Well Construction
Technical Paper: Wellbore Stability Optimization in Shale Gas Wells by Integrating Geomechanics and Drilling Practices
Technical Paper: New Technologies Application To Solve Practical Challenges in Exploration and Development of HC in the Russian Sector of Caspian Sea
Technical Paper: Simulation of Chemical Interaction of Injected CO2 and Carbonic Acid Based on Laboratory Tests in 3D Coupled Geomechanical Modeling
Technical Paper: Calibrated Mechanical Earth Models Answer Questions on Hydraulic Fracture Containment and Wellbore Stability in Some of the CSG Wells in the Bowen Basin
Technical Paper: Innovative Method for Exploring Potential Reservoirs in Areas with Limited Data - Case Study from Deepwater South China Sea
Technical Paper: A Proactive Approach Towards Optimising Drainhole Placement Using "DTB" Technology in an Area Under EOR - A Success Story from Western Onshore Field, India
Technical Paper: Assessing E&P and Drilling Risks With Seismic Uncertainty Analysis
Technical Paper: Characterization of Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir with Advanced LWD Technology: Case Study of LHX-1 Oilfield, South China Sea
Technical Paper: New Approach to Geomechanics Solves Serious Horizontal Drilling Problems in Troublesome Unconventional Plays
Technical Paper: 3D Reservoir Geomechanics Workflow and Its Application to a Tight Gas Reservoir in Western China
Technical Paper: The Utilization of High-Definition Borehole Images to Determine Fracture Properties and Their Relative Age for Fractured Basement Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting and Analysis for Unconventional Resources
Technical Paper: Feasibility Study of Gas Reinjection in Giant Carbonate Reservoir in the Middle East—EOR Application in a Green Field (Case Study)
Technical Paper: Integrated Modeling for 3D Geomechanics and Coupled Simulation of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Seismic—Deep Reading Electromagnetics Integration Takes on Deep Water Risk
Technical Paper: VSP Survey Assists in the Reservoir Characterization of Deep-Water Turbiditic Reservoir Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Joint Estimation of Reservoir Saturation and Porosity from Seismic Inversion Using Stochastic Rock Physics Simulation and Bayesian Inversion
Technical Paper: Geological mapping of the near seabed section on central Campos Basin through elastic attributes extracted from 3D reflection seismic data
Technical Paper: Reducing Pitfall Risk Using Seismic Inversion and Rock Physics Analysis
Technical Paper: Extraction of Geotechnical Attributes from Seismic Data: Towards a Quantitative Approach
Technical Paper: Wide-Angle AVO Waveform Inversion with WKBJ Modeling
Technical Paper: Scattering-Based Decomposition of Sensitivity Kernels for Full-Waveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Using Borehole Geophysics Measurements to Assist Drilling, a Case Study From Presalt Brazil
Technical Paper: Workaround to Build Robust Facies Model with Limited Input Data; a Case Study from North West Kuwait
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Inversion of Multicomponent Data in the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Stimulation of Horizontal Passive Flow-Control Completions Improve Production and Recovery in Naturally-Fractured-Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Improving Seismic Calibration and Geomechanical Models through Characterization of Anisotropy Using Single and Multi Well Data
Technical Paper: Multi-Well Walkaway-VSP
to Resolve Structural Uncertainty in the Haynesville Shale Play

Technical Paper: Borehole Acoustic Reflection Survey (BARS) From Modern, Dipole Acoustic Logs For High-Resolution Seismic-Based Fracture Illumination And Imaging
Technical Paper: A New Workflow For Petrophysical And Textural Evaluation of Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Considerations for Successful Deepwater Exploration Drilling
Technical Paper: Proactive Geosteering with Directional Deep Resistivity and Rotary Steerable Tool in Coalbed Methane (CBM) Reservoirs
Technical Paper: A Comprehensive Approach to Well-Collision Avoidance
Technical Paper: Rotary Steerable System Technology Case Studies in the Canadian Foothills: A Challenging Drilling Environment
Technical Paper: Rotary Steerable Technology Creates Value in Western Canadian Drilling Environment
Technical Paper: Well Optimization with Rotary Steerable Systems for Well Designs
Technical Paper: Remote Drilling Optimization Center Adopted to Reduce Drilling Risk Mitigation and Improve Drilling Efficiency
Technical Paper: KPI Benchmarking — A Systematic Approach
Technical Paper: The Evolution of Hole Opening while Drilling Practices to Enlarge Salt and Subsalt Sections in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: An Integrated Regional Model in the Gulf of Mexico: A Versatile Tool for Rapid Pre-Drill Assessments, While-Drilling Updates, and Prospect Grading
Technical Paper: Drilling Performance Improvements in Pinedale Antincline: A Case Study of the Applications of Rotary Steerable Systems
Technical Paper: Development and Testing of High Dogleg Rotary Steerable System
Technical Paper: Drilling Dynamics Overview for Deepwater Gulf Of Mexico Salt Drilling
Technical Paper: Implementation of a Shock and Vibration Mitigation Process: Achieving Real-Time Solutions and Savings
Technical Paper: Remote Operations, the Future of Drilling: Directional Drilling Remote Control
Technical Paper: Beyond the Technical Limit: Turbodrilling—A Paradigm Shift to World Class Horizontal Well Construction
Technical Paper: The Evolution of Rotary Steerable Practices To Drill Faster and Safer Deepwater Salt Sections in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Minimizing Risks, Maximizing On-Bottom Drilling Time: Turbodrilling with Impregnated Bits Improves Efficiency and Circumvents Trouble Time, Southern Oklahoma
Technical Paper: Experimental Study of MSE of a Single PDC Cutter Under Simulated Pressurized Conditions
Technical Paper: A Fit for Purpose Combination of Positive Displacement Motor and Rotary Steerable Systems Delivers a Step Change in Drilling Optimization in Tomoporo Field: A West Venezuela Case Study
Technical Paper: High Angle Directional Drilling with With 9 5/8-in. Casing in Offshore Qatar
Technical Paper: How Continuous Improvement Led to the Longest Horizontal Well in the World
Technical Paper: Remote Automated Directional Drilling Through Rotary Steerable Systems
Technical Paper: Drilling Automation: Technologies, Terminology, and Parallels With Other Industries
Technical Paper: First Application in Mexico and New World Depth Record for MPD Concentric Nitrogen Injection to To Drill Horizontal Wells in Low- Pressure Reservoirs at Samaria Field
Technical Paper: A Novel Strategy for Reducing Well Cost in the Piceance Basin by Using ECD Measurements and Air Injection Through a Parasite Aerating String
Technical Paper: Evolution of Multi-Mineral Formation Evaluation Using LWD Data in Complex Carbonates Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: First Application of Concentric Nitrogen Injection Technique for a Managed Pressure Drilling Depleted Well in Southern Mexico
Technical Paper: Successful Application of New LWD Platform Provides Integrated Real-Time Formation Evaluation in the Mediterranean Reservoirs
Case History Summary: Horizontal Drilling Performance Improvement Due to Torque Rocking on 800 Horizontal Land Wells Drilled for Unconventional Gas Resources
Technical Paper: High Dogleg Rotary Steerable System: A Step Change in Drilling Process
Technical Paper: From Issues to Solutions — Introducing the Multi Function Logging While Drilling Tool for Reservoir Characterization in the Greater Burgan Field of Kuwait Oil Company
Technical Paper: Geomagnetic Referencing Service - A Viable Alternative for Accurate Wellbore Surveying
Technical Paper: Sonic While Drilling: Multipole Acoustic Tools for Multiple Answers
Technical Paper: Characterization of Sampling While Drilling Operations
Technical Paper: High-resolution Images and Formation Evaluation in Slim Holes from a New Logging-While-Drilling Azimuthal Laterolog Device
Technical Paper: Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Using LWD in Real Time