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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Apr 2014MUDSOLV NG Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools MudSOLV NG
Apr 2014WellWatcher Remote Battery-Powered Multidrop Permanent Monitoring System Intelligent Completions  WellWatcher Remote,
Wellwatcher Neon
Mar 2014DRILCO Premium Tubulars Drilling Tools & Services 
Mar 2014OnGauge Sealed-Bearing Roller Reamer Drilling Tools & Services OnGauge
Feb 2014PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System Directional, MWD & LWD PowerDrive Orbit
Feb 2014Rhino Integrated Borehole Enlargement System Drilling Tools & Services Rhino
Feb 2014Testing Services Training Well Testing 
Feb 2014REDA Coil Coiled Tubing-Deployed ESP System Artificial Lift 
Jan 2014ULTRADRIL Drilling Fluids & Systems ULTRADRIL
Dec 2013Trackmaster OH Openhole Whipstock & Sidetracking System Fishing & Sidetracking TrackMaster OH
Dec 2013TrackMaster OH-C Openhole Whipstock & Cementing System Fishing & Sidetracking TrackMaster OH-C
Dec 2013High Shot Density Perforating Systems Performance and Mechanical Summary-Big Entrance Hole Shaped Charges Perforating HSD
Dec 2013Capsule (Exposed) Guns Performance and Mechanical Data Summary Perforating Enerjet
Dec 2013CLEAR Cuttings Loading and Wellbore Stability Surveillance Service Mud Logging CLEAR
Dec 2013Digital Rock and Fluid Analytics Services Core & PVT Lab Services 
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