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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Aug 2014Quanta Geo Wireline Open Hole NGI
Aug 2014HPHT Solutions  
Aug 2014AUTOMATIC TANK CLEANING (ATC) LITE Drilling Fluids & Systems Automatic Tank Cleaning
Aug 2014WARP Advanced Fluids Technology Drilling Fluids & Systems WARP Fluids Technology
Aug 2014RockStorm PDC Cutter Technology Drill Bits 
Jul 2014REDA Cables Artificial Lift REDA MAX,
REDA Lead,
Jul 2014DRILLING FLUID TEMPERATURE CONTROL System (DFTCS) Drilling Fluids & Systems 
Jul 2014WELL COMMANDER Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools WELL COMMANDER
Jul 2014SMART 3D Displacement Services Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools SMART 3D
Jun 2014Water Management for Coalbed Methane Water Services 
Jun 2014Water Management Water Services 
Jun 2014OnGauge Rectificador de Rodillos con Cojinetes Sellados para la Reducción del Torque Drilling Tools & Services OnGauge 
Jun 2014HDD MINING & WATERWELL Specialty Drilling Applications 
Jun 2014HDD MINING & WATERWELL Product Listing Specialty Drilling Applications 
Jun 2014IsoMetrix Marine Seismic Acquisition IsoMetrix
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