Brochure: Wireline Deep Water

Date: 7/6/2011

Download: Wireline Deep Water brochure (7.37 MB PDF)


Within a context of rising rig spread rates (up to USD 1 million per day) and well locations far from shore and in complex drilling environments and harsh climates, successful operations at deepwater wells demand the acquisition of high-quality data. Whether for formation evaluation, completion, or production logging, data must also be acquired as efficiently as possible, with minimal nonproductive time.

Add to these acquisition demands that the resulting analysis is of paramount importance for what are typically multibillion dollar deepwater projects, and the selection of a wireline provider becomes one in which global experience and capability matter.


Schlumberger Wireline is the industry leader in deepwater operations, with a proven record of success in established deepwater powerhouses such as the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, West Africa, and Brazil as well as emerging markets such as India, Asia, and Australia.

The high infrastructure and operational costs in the deepwater environment dictate an elevated level of service quality. Through our highly qualified personnel deploying innovative technology with flawless service delivery, Schlumberger is ready to deliver.

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