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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Jul 2017ImPulse Prime Integrated MWD Platform Directional, MWD & LWD ImPulse Prime
Jul 2017Saltel Expandable Steel Patches Datasheets Packers,
Completions Products
 Saltel expandable steel patch
Jul 2017FlexLift Low-Profile Pumping Unit Artificial Lift FlexLift
Jul 2017Rhino XS2 10375 Series Drilling Tools & Services Rhino XS2
Jul 2017RRT Right-Hand-Release Running Tool Liner Hangers RRT
Jul 2017HEWM Hydraulic and Electric Downhole Wet-Mate Connector Intelligent Completions HEWM
Jul 2017Rhino XS2 9250 Series Drilling Tools & Services Rhino XS2
Jul 2017Copperhead Drillable Bridge and Frac Plug Multistage Stimulation,
Jul 2017Saltel Expandable Steel Patch Completions Products Saltel expandable steel patch
Jul 2017RLTP 650 Retrievable Thermal Hydraulic-Set Liner Top Packer Liner Hangers RLTP 650
Jul 2017RLHP 650 Retrievable Dual-Grip Thermal Hydraulic-Set Liner Hanger Packer Liner Hangers RLHP 650
Jul 2017RSLH 650 Retrievable Mechanically Set Scab Liner Hanger Liner Hangers RSLH
Jul 2017Barrier Series Gas Lift Systems Artificial Lift 
Jul 2017Don-Nan RWT API Insert Pumps Artificial Lift 
Jul 2017Don-Nan RXB API Insert Pumps Artificial Lift 
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