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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Feb 2015QLH Conventional Hydrostatic-Set Sealbore Packer Packers,
Sand Control
Feb 2015QL Conventional Sealbore Packer Sand Control,
Feb 2015NIS Conventional Interventionless Hydrostatic-Set Packer Packers 
Feb 2015MRP-MP Modular Multiport Packers Packers,
Intelligent Completions
Feb 2015HSP-1 Conventional Sealbore Packer Packers 
Feb 2015PMDJ Production Mechanical Packer Packers,
Multistage Stimulation
Feb 2015MH Thermal Packer Packers,
Liner Hangers
Feb 2015QVSI High-Pressure, High-Temperature Versatile Seismic Imager Wireline Open Hole VSI
Feb 2015Caustic Soda Mix Tank Solids Control Systems & Products Caustic Soda Mix Tank
Feb 2015Big Bag Unit Solids Control Systems & Products 
Feb 2015HISIDE Blender: High-Speed, In-line, Dilution Equipment Solids Control Systems & Products HI-SIDE Blender
Feb 2015HIRIDE Hopper: High-Speed, Rapid-Induction, Dynamic Educator Solids Control Systems & Products HI-RIDE Eductor
Feb 2015ResPack Slip Swellable Slip-On Packer Packers,
Sand Control
 ResPack Slip
Feb 2015ResPack Swellable Bonded-to-Pipe Packer Packers,
Multistage Stimulation
Feb 2015REDA Continuum Unconventional Extended-Life ESP Artificial Lift Continuum,
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