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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Dec 2016Control Line Wet Mate (CLWM) Connector Permanent Monitoring Systems,
Intelligent Completions
WellWatcher BriteBlue,
WellWatcher BriteBlue HT
Dec 2016WellWatcher TruOptic High-Temperature Fiber-Optic Pressure Gauge Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher TruOptic,
WellWatcher Quartz LT,
WellWatcher Quartz,
WellWatcher Sapphire
Nov 201618 5/8 TrackMaster CH Cased Hole Whipstock and Sidetracking System Fishing & Sidetracking TrackMaster CH
Nov 2016SiMoom Diatomaceous Earth Blending Unit Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools SiMoom
Nov 2016BLUEPACK RH Retrievable Hydraulic-Set Production Packer Packers BluePack RH
Nov 2016CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System Cementing CemFIT Heal
Nov 2016PRECISE Automated Drilling System Drilling Rig Equipment PRECISE
Nov 2016DQ1000 Wellsite Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer Mud Logging DQ1000
Nov 2016Reservoir Laboratory Sheet: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Core & PVT Lab Services 
Nov 2016OpenPath Sequence Diversion Stimulation Service Stimulation OpenPath Sequence
Nov 2016AvantGuard Advanced Flowback Services Well Testing AvantGuard
Nov 2016MYCELX RE-GEN Advanced Water Treatment Media Processing & Separation 
Nov 2016MYCELX Polisher Oil-in-Water Polishing Filters Processing & Separation 
Oct 2016Hydra-Jar AP Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar Operating Procedures Drilling Tools & Services Hydra-Jar AP
Oct 2016NATCO LRC-ll Processing & Separation NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY,
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