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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Jul 2014XHP-BB Big-Bore Premium Production Packer Completions Products 
Jul 2014SAPPHIRE LF Guar-Free Linear Fracturing Fluid Stimulation SAPPHIRE LF
Jul 2014Reservoir Laboratory Sheet, Denver, Colorado, USA Core & PVT Lab Services 
Jul 2014WeldSlot Slip-On Wire-Wrapped Sand Screens Sand Control 
Jul 2014LineSlot Premium Direct-Wire-Wrapped Sand Screens Sand Control LineSlot
Jul 2014MeshSlot Premium Sintered Mesh Sand Screens Sand Control 
Jul 2014Rugged Disconnect Coiled Tubing CoilTOOLS
Jul 2014Rugged MHA Coiled Tubing CoilTOOLS
Jul 2014Three-Piece Stabilizer Coiled Tubing CoilTOOLS
Jul 2014Wash Tools and Nozzles Coiled Tubing CoilTOOLS
Jul 2014Bull Nose Coiled Tubing CoilTOOLS
Jul 2014Downhole Filter Coiled Tubing CoilTOOLS
Jul 2014Reservoir Laboratory Sheet, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Core & PVT Lab Services 
Jul 2014PowerJet Nova  Perforating,
Well Testing
 PowerJet Nova
Jul 2014SenTURIAN Subsea Landing String Electrohydraulic Operating System Well Testing,
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