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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Nov 2017Carbide Insert Rod Guide Artificial Lift 
Nov 2017Bottom Discharge Valve Artificial Lift 
Nov 2017Sand Diverter Artificial Lift 
Nov 2017Gas Separator Artificial Lift 
Nov 2017Gas Valve Artificial Lift 
Nov 2017Top Seal Artificial Lift 
Nov 201710K ASST HPHT Openhole Gravel-Pack Antiswab Service Tool Sand Control antiswab openhole service tool
Nov 2017PLATINUM FOAM PLUS Foaming Agent Drilling Fluids & Systems,
Specialty Drilling Applications
Nov 2017MicroScope HD 675 Resistivity and High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service Directional, MWD & LWD MicroScope HD
Nov 2017Sand Shield  Artificial Lift 
Nov 2017REDA ESP System Cables Artificial Lift ESP cables
Nov 2017Xplorer Helix Spiral Tungsten Carbide Insert Configuration Drill Bits Xplorer Helix
Nov 2017Infinity Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf System Multistage Stimulation,
Nov 2017QLH Permanent Hydraulic-Set Production Packer Packers,
Sand Control
Nov 2017PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System Directional, MWD & LWD PowerDrive Orbit
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