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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Nov 2015Advanced Motor Protector Artificial Lift REDA Maximus,
REDA Hotline,
Nov 2015REDA Hotline Plus Artificial Lift REDA,
REDA Hotline
Nov 2015Sand Diverter Artificial Lift 
Nov 2015MUDPUSH HPHT Engineered High-Pressure, High-Temperature Cement Spacer Cementing MUDPUSH HPHT
Nov 2015POLAR-VIS Oil Viscosifier Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools ISOTHERM NT
Nov 2015HydraCap Encapsulating Additive Solids Control Systems & Products 
Nov 2015Safe-Scale X Completion Fluid Additive Drilling Fluids & Systems 
Nov 2015WellWatcher Ultra ASE Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher Ultra ASE,
WellWatcher BriteBlue
Nov 2015Carbide Insert Rod Guide Artificial Lift 
Nov 2015MaxPROP HSP High-Strength Ceramic Proppant Stimulation MaxPROP HSP
Nov 2015MaxPROP LWP Lightweight Ceramic Proppant Stimulation MaxPROP LWP
Nov 2015MaxPROP ISP Intermediate-Strength Ceramic Proppant Stimulation MaxPROP ISP
Nov 2015Engineered Solutions Group Artificial Lift TDAS,
ZEiTECS Shuttle,
Electric Submersible Pumps
Nov 2015L076 Acid-Compatible Scale Inhibitor Stimulation 
Nov 2015Don-Nan Gas Separator Artificial Lift 
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