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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Apr 2017Motors for the REDA Maximus ESP System Artificial Lift REDA Maximus
Apr 2017BroadBand Shield Fracture-Geometry Control Service Stimulation BroadBand Shield
Apr 2017LiftSelect Strategic Production Planning Service Artificial Lift LiftSelect
Apr 2017OpenPath Reach Extended-Contact Stimulation Service Stimulation OpenPath Reach
Apr 2017Single-Phase Retarded Acid Stimulation 
Apr 2017WELL DOMINATOR Positive Test Tool Completions Products WELL DOMINATOR
Apr 2017Rig 185 Drilling Rig Equipment 
Apr 2017FAZE-OUT Reversible-System Water-Base Filtercake Breaker Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools FAZE-OUT
Apr 2017QuikDownlink Continuous Circulation Downlink Service  Directional, MWD & LWD QuikDownlink
Mar 2017Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service Artificial Lift Lift IQ
Mar 2017Pressure Deployment CT System Coiled Tubing 
Mar 2017WellWatcher Instruct Multiwell Acquisition Unit Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher Connect,
WellWatcher Instruct
Mar 2017QUANTUM MAX HPHT Gravel- and Frac-Pack Packer Sand Control,
Well Testing
Mar 2017Casing Reconnect Metal-to-Metal, Gas-Tight Casing Repair System Liner Hangers Casing Reconnect
Mar 2017SCREEN PULSE Fluid and Cuttings Separator Solids Control Systems & Products SCREEN PULSE,
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