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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Sep 2015TrackMaster OH-C Fishing & Sidetracking TrackMaster OH-C
Apr 2015REDA Continuum Unconventional Extended-Life ESP Artificial Lift Continuum,
REDA Gard,
Apr 20159 5/8-in TrackMaster CH Cased Hole Whipstock and Sidetracking System  TrackMaster CH
Apr 2015Reservoir Laboratory Sheet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Core & PVT Lab Services 
Apr 2015e-balance Control System MPD & UBD 
Apr 2015i-balance Control System MPD & UBD 
Apr 2015ResInject Injection ICD Sand Control ResInject,
Apr 2015Diamondback PT Premium Torque Composite Drillable Frac Plug  Multistage Stimulation ,
 Diamondback PT
Apr 2015Composite Pill Stimulation BroadBand Precision
Apr 2015FORTRESS Premium Isolation Valve  Isolation Valves FORTRESS,
Isolation Valves,
Trip Saver,
Apr 2015Hydraulic Line Wet Mate (HLWM) Connector Intelligent Completions  
Apr 2015TRFC-HD Multiposition Flow Control Valve Intelligent Completions  
Mar 2015Falcon Liner Top Packer Multistage Stimulation ,
Mar 2015Techlog Geomechanics Reservoir Characterization Software Techlog
Mar 2015Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics Reservoir Characterization Software Petrel
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