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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Aug 2015D236 Liquid, Midrange Retarder Cementing 
Aug 2015ProLATCH-N Internally Latching Subsea Wellhead Retrieval System Fishing & Sidetracking ProLATCH-N
Aug 2015ProCISE Casing Cutting and Pulling Systems Directional, MWD & LWD ProCISE
Aug 2015G2G2 Positive Displacement Motor Directional, MWD & LWD PathFinder Mud Motors
Aug 201513 3⁄8-in TrackMaster CH Fishing & Sidetracking TrackMaster CH
Aug 2015Isotope Logging Service Mud Logging FLAIR
Jul 2015StimMAP Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Service Stimulation StimMAP
Jul 2015PumpGuard Intake Screen and Valve Assembly Sand Control,
Artificial Lift
Jul 2015xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Fracturing Fluid Delivery Service Stimulation xWATER
Jul 2015Mangrove Express Fracture Design Stimulation Mangrove Express Fracture Design
Jul 2015proVISION Plus Directional, MWD & LWD proVISION Plus
Jul 2015Losseal Microfracture Lost Circulation Control Treatment Cementing Losseal
Jul 2015Losseal Natural Fracture Lost Circulation Control Treatment Cementing Losseal Natural Fracture
Jun 2015TIVF S Tubing Isolation Valve with Flapper Seal Isolation Valves Isolation Valves,
Trip Saver
Jun 2015HDFAV Hydraulic Dual-Flow Annular Valve Sand Control,
Intelligent Completions,
Isolation Valves
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