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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Sep 2014SenTURIAN E&A Well Testing,
Sep 2014Dual-Packer Module Wireline Open Hole MDT,
InSitu Fluid Sampling
Sep 2014InterACT Global Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service Coiled Tubing 
Sep 2014CMR-Plus Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool Wireline Open Hole CMR-Plus
Sep 2014Winchcraft Combo Slickline Unit Slickline 
Sep 2014Winchcraft Open Slickline Unit Slickline 
Sep 2014Winchcraft Power Pack Unit Slickline 
Sep 2014Winchcraft Single-Lift Slickline Unit Slickline 
Sep 2014Winchcraft Modular Slickline Unit Slickline 
Sep 2014LIVE Cabin Compact Digital Slickline Control Unit Slickline LIVE Digital Slickline Services
Sep 2014DBS Digital Battery Sub Slickline LIVE Digital Slickline Services
Sep 2014DCZ Digital Centralizer Slickline LIVE Digital Slickline Services
Sep 2014DEB Digital Extended Battery Slickline LIVE Digital Slickline Services
Sep 2014DFJ Digital Flex Joint Slickline LIVE Digital Slickline Services
Sep 2014DSB Digital Sinker Bar Slickline LIVE Digital Slickline Services
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