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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Jun 2017Rig 168 Drilling Rig Equipment 
Jun 2017Rig 166 Drilling Rig Equipment 
Jun 2017Rig 165 Drilling Rig Equipment 
Jun 2017LTP Max High-Pressure Liner-Top Packer Liner Hangers LTP Max
Jun 2017Phoenix CTS Cable-to-Surface Artificial Lift Downhole Monitoring System Artificial Lift Phoenix CTS,
Jun 2017Hydra-Jar AP Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar Operating Procedures Drilling Tools & Services Hydra-Jar AP
Jun 2017PRIMO-VIS Oil Swell Packer Activation Fluid Viscosifier Completions Products PRIMO-VIS
Jun 2017PRIMO-MUL Low-Oil/Water-Ratio Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Emulsifier Completions Products PRIMO-MUL
Jun 2017Modular Cable Protector Permanent Monitoring Systems,
Intelligent Completions,
Safety Valves
 modular cable protector
Jun 2017BluePack Ultra PH Ultrahigh-Pressure Permanent Hydraulic-Set Production Packer Packers BluePack Ultra PH
Jun 2017NaqiClean Single-Phase Multifunction Remedial System Stimulation NaqiClean
Jun 2017HCHR High-Capacity Hydraulic Rotating Liner Hanger Liner Hangers HCHr
Jun 2017CMSB Solid-Body Cementing Manifold Liner Hangers CMSB
Jun 2017P3 Postperforating Treatment Perforating P3
Jun 2017DI-DI-BALANCE Divalent Brine System Secondary Viscosifier Drilling Fluids & Systems DI-BALANCE
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