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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Jul 2016Conventional Coiled Tubing Motors Coiled Tubing 
Jul 2016QUANTUM MAX HPHT Gravel- and Frac-Pack Packer Sand Control,
Well Testing
Jul 201665-OBLT and 160-OBLT High-Absorption Filter Cartridges Completions Products 
Jul 201665-N and 160-N Nominal Wound Depth Filter Cartridges Completions Products 
Jul 2016Bottom Discharge Valve Artificial Lift 
Jul 2016Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media Completions Products 
Jul 201665-OB and 160-OB High-Integrity Filter Cartridges  Completions Products 
Jul 2016Improved Hollow Tube Pump Artificial Lift 
Jul 2016BluePack Ultra PH Ultrahigh-Pressure Permanent Hydraulic-Set Production Packer Packers BluePack Ultra PH
Jul 2016Two-Stage Hollow Valve Rod Pump Artificial Lift 
Jul 2016Ballistic Time-Delay Fuse Perforating 
Jul 2016ThruBit Through-the-Bit Logging Services Wireline Open Hole ThruBit
Jul 2016ThruBit Through-the-Bit Logging Services Slim Multiconveyance Formation Evaluation Tools Wireline Open Hole ThruBit
Jul 2016WellWatcher Instruct Multiwell Acquisition Unit Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher Connect,
WellWatcher Instruct
Jul 2016SAFE‐LINK Completion Fluid Loss Control Agent Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools SAFE-LINK
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