Product Sheet: Whipstock Modeling Processes

Date: 9/9/2013

Download: Whipstock Modeling Processes (1.53 MB PDF)

TrackMaster whipstock family design and simulation

The TrackMaster CH cased hole whipstock system delivers quality, full-gauge windows for exiting steel casing. Premium mills enable quality window exits in high-grade steel and chrome casings and in formations with unconfined compressive strengths of more than 40,000 psi. The TrackMaster CH system’s fast, high-quality windows and sidetracks are tailored to each application’s objectives.

This unique cased hole whipstock system uses the most sophisticated dynamic modeling available in the industry today to provide operational efficiencies for remote locations while reducing NPT for unplanned events. The engineered wellbore departure job design, modeling, and simulation are supported by three analytical software systems that complement the TrackMaster CH system toolbox. The systems include WhipSim casing exit simulation software, i-DRILL engineered drilling system design, and Runner drillstring analysis program.

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