Product Sheet: TrackMaster OH-C

Date: 4/13/2015

Download: TrackMaster OH-C (0.39 MB PDF)

Openhole whipstock and cementing system

The TrackMaster OH-C openhole whipstock and cementing system circumvents all obstacles that are encountered with conventional cement plug sidetracking. The system facilitates landing a lateral while cementing the lower zones, increasing the likelihood of sidetracking on the first attempt. A bitfriendly steel ramp provides a positive means of controlling the kickoff depth and direction, eliminating the uncertainty of kicking off with a cement plug. The ramp design also lowers bending stresses in the drilling assembly.

The TrackMaster OH-C system pumps cement through the whipstock. The whipstock creates clean, smooth transitions for directional and horizontal applications.

The system’s expandable anchor technology has triaxial steel slips that span multiple hole sizes and optimize placement at specific depths. Immediate sidetracking eliminates the time spent waiting for cement to cure.

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