Product Sheet: Mechanical Anchor Casing Exit System

Date: 11/6/2014

Download: Mechanical Anchor Casing Exit System (0.07 MB PDF)

Casing exits for high-efficiency operations

Economical casing exit and single-trip sidetracking

Schlumberger mechanical anchor casing exit systems provide casing exits and sidetracking in a single trip. Designed for high-efficiency operations, they reduce trips, milling time, and rig time for reentry into an existing wellbore.

The streamlined design makes the all-mechanical system easy and cost-effective to operate.

Casing exit system

The base of the casing exit system is a mechanically set, single-grip anchor that is run to the desired depth on the drillpipe and connected to the whipstock slide. Once depth has been reached, the whipstock face is aligned through gyro or other directional measurement tools, and the anchor is deployed by setting weight on the bottom of the hole, cement plug, bridge plug, or liner top. Compression enables setting the anchor to lock firmly into place within the casing string, and weight is applied to shear the lead mill from the top of the whipstock slide. For short ratholes, the system can enable whipstock anchor setting and casing exit in a single trip.

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