Product Sheet: Split-Design Pumping Unit

Date: 12/2/2016

Download: Split-Design Pumping Unit (0.06 MB PDF)

iWISE integrated waste injection services

The pumping unit for iWISE integrated waste injection services operates over a wide range of injection rates from 0.5 to 8.0 bbl/min. The pump uses a Zone I ATEX traction motor engineered to match a pump-gear reduction of 9:1 to achieve low injection rates for injection at fracturing pressures.

The two-piece, split-skid DNV 2.7-1–certified pump reduces the maximum required crane lift. The unit’s control system monitors and records all critical parameters for postjob reporting. The control system is also capable of interfacing with InterACT service for remote job monitoring of the cuttings injection process. It allows the simultaneous control and monitoring of two iWISE services pumps. The system also controls the overpressure shutdown and torque control of the pump.

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