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Date Title Challenge SrvLine/Func Publication File
Aug 2014Mapping-While-Drilling System Improves Well Placement and Field Development Deep Water Directional, MWD & LWDJournal of Petroleum Technology
Aug 2014New Method Characterizes Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Unconventional Resources Seismic Data Processing,
Seismic Consulting & Interpretation
Aug 2014Technologies Enable Wolfbone Success Unconventional Resources StimulationAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter
Jul 2014Rolling PDC Cutter Enhances Drill Bit Life in Granite Wash Runs  Drill BitsDrilling Contractor
Jul 2014Argentine Operations Shift to Unconventional Plays Unconventional Resources Directional, MWD & LWDUpstream Pumping Solutions
Jun 2014Digital Core Flow Simulations Accelerate Evaluation of Multiple Recovery Scenarios  Core & PVT Lab ServicesWorld Oil
Jun 2014Warming to Heavy Oil Prospects Heavy Oil,
Enhanced Oil Recovery
 Oilfield Review
Jun 2014Ultradeep Scientific Ocean Drilling—Probing the Seismogenic Zone  Oilfield Review
Jun 2014Land Seismic Surveys for Challenging Reservoirs  Oilfield Review
Jun 2014PDC Bit Technology for the 21st Century High Pressure, High Temperature Oilfield Review
Jun 2014Multiclient Program Benefits Stakeholders  Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services E&P Daily News
Jun 2014Designed for Seismic Exploration Marine Seismic AcquisitionE&P Daily News
Jun 2014Broadband Imaging in All Dimensions Exploration Marine Seismic AcquisitionE&P Daily News
Jun 2014Setting New Records Worldwide Exploration Land Seismic AcquisitionE&P Daily News
Jun 2014Advanced Integrated Technologies Help Image through Salt Bodies  Reservoir Characterization SoftwareE&P Daily News
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