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Jun 2016Isn’t It Time for Our Own Spielbergian “Idea Summit”?  Drilling Rig EquipmentJournal of Petroleum Technology
May 2016Marine Imaging in Three Dimensions: Viewing Complex Structures  Marine Seismic Acquisition,
Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services
Oilfield Review
May 2016Hydraulic Fracturing Insights from Microseismic Monitoring Unconventional Resources Stimulation,
Wireline Open Hole
Oilfield Review
May 2016Corrosion—The Longest War Deep Water,
Flow Assurance
 Production Chemicals & TreatmentOilfield Review
May 2016Slide Drilling—Farther and Faster Unconventional Resources Directional, MWD & LWDOilfield Review
May 2016Testing the Untestable  Artificial LiftHart Energy Playbook
May 2016ESP System Engineered for Extended Runlife in Challenging Fields  Artificial LiftE&P
May 2016RSS Expands Operating Envelope, Reaches Targets in UHT Reservoir High Pressure, High Temperature Directional, MWD & LWDE&P
May 2016Transforming the Upstream Service Industry to Increase Operator Margins  SchlumbergerJournal of Petroleum Technology
Apr 2016New Drill Bits Boost Efficiency, Safety  Drill BitsAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter
Mar 2016LNG Puts New Demand On Shale Plays Unconventional Resources StimulationAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter
Jan 2016Movability Quicklook for Heavy Oils Heavy Oil Wireline Open HoleOilfield Review
Jan 2016An Integrated Approach to Cement Evaluation  Cementing,
Wireline Cased Hole
Oilfield Review
Jan 2016Mud Removal—Clearing the Way for Effective Cementing  CementingOilfield Review
Jan 2016Vaca Muerta Shale—Taming a Giant Unconventional Resources StimulationOilfield Review
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