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Jul 2015Refracturing: Diversion Technologies and Improved Reservoir Understanding Give Depleted Unconventional Assets New Life Unconventional Resources StimulationJournal of Petroleum Technology
Jun 2015Pushing Up the Range of Options Unconventional Resources Artificial LiftUpstream Technology
Jun 2015Marine Wildlife and E&P Activities—Working to Coexist  Marine Seismic AcquisitionOilfield Review
Jun 2015Reducing Uncertainty Ahead of the Bit  Directional, MWD & LWDOilfield Review
Jun 2015Multiphase Flow Simulation—Optimizing Field Productivity  Production SoftwareOilfield Review
Jun 2015Reservoir Mapping While Drilling  Directional, MWD & LWDOilfield Review
Jun 2015Monitoring and Managing Coiled Tubing Integrity  Coiled TubingOilfield Review
Jun 2015Atlantic Margin Opportunities  Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services E&P Daily News
Jun 2015Improving OBC Efficiency  Marine Seismic AcquisitionE&P Daily News
Jun 2015Depth Domain Inversion Deep Water Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services E&P Daily News
Jun 2015Redefining Broadband  Marine Seismic AcquisitionE&P Daily News
Jun 2015Supporting Multidisciplinary Workflows  Reservoir Characterization SoftwareE&P Daily News
Jun 2015Control without Compromise  Marine Seismic AcquisitionE&P Daily News
Apr 2015Novel, Redefined Bit Designs: Offer Speed and Durability in Demanding Applications Unconventional Resources Drill BitsAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter
Apr 2015Technology Drives Evolution of Pemex’s Operation in Perdido Fold Belt Deep Water Directional, MWD & LWDAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter
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