Industry Article: Fast High-Build-Rate Directional Drilling

Fast High-Build-Rate Directional Drilling
Publication: SPE Show Daily
Publication Date: 11/01/2011

Cimarex Energy Co. contracted Schlumberger directional drilling services to use the PowerDrive Archer RSS to drill the Kappus 1-22H well in the Woodford shale play, Oklahoma, USA. A key objective was to use the system’s fully rotating design with its ability to drill aggressive curves without sliding to reduce the wellbore tortuosity. The PowerDrive Archer RSS drilled the 8 3/4-in curve section—with an 8°/100 ft dogleg severity—at an ROP 80% faster than achieved for the previous wells. Wellbore tortuosity was reduced by 20% compared with the curve section of the closest offset well drilled with a motor.

Download: Fast High-Build-Rate Directional Drilling (0.10 MB PDF)

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Build High Angles, Maximize ROP with Fully Rotating RSS

PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system
The PowerDrive Archer RSS delivers high build rate well profiles—previously only possible with motors—to maximize rate of penetration.
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