Industry Article: Fast High-Build-Rate Directional Drilling

Fast High-Build-Rate Directional Drilling
Publication: SPE Show Daily
Publication Date: 11/01/2011

The directional drilling service provider in North America, PathFinder, a Schlumberger company, was contracted by Cimarex Energy Co. to utilize the PowerDrive Archer RSS to drill its Kappus 1-22H well in the Woodford shale play in Oklahoma. A key objective was to utilize the system’s fully rotating design with its ability to drill aggressive curves without sliding to reduce the wellbore tortuosity. The PowerDrive Archer RSS drilled the 8 3/4-in curve section—with an 8°/100 ft dogleg severity—at an ROP 80% faster than achieved for the previous wells. Wellbore tortuosity was reduced by 20% compared with the curve section of the closest offset well drilled with a motor.

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