Industry Article: Flexible Slimhole System Bypasses Damaged Zones

Flexible Slimhole System Bypasses Damaged Zones — High performance, high dogleg turbodrill
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 04/01/2012

High performance, high dogleg turbodrill

The move to directional drilling was an impetus for Schlumberger to develop its second generation of Neyrfor turbodrilling systems. Before kicking off its program to develop its Neyrfor Delta high-performance directional turbodrill series, the company as well as the industry had been using traditional turbodrills that had been available to the market for decades. The company listed several challenges to meet demands of modern directional drilling. Among them was the higher build rates required in directional drilling applications and in the curve sections of the wells that traditional turbodrills were unable to achieve. The company saw tendencies of left hand walk that is typically seen in high-speed motors and turbine motors. Sliding also was a challenge. The Neyrfor Delta turbodrill was designed to incorporate a shorter bit-to-bend, get the curves down, and land in the target zone without issues.

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