MEARR Number 6

New Solutions in Fluid Sampling

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High-quality samples enable the asset team to determine pressure-volume–temperature properties such as density, formation volume factor, viscosity, interfacial tension, gas/oil ratio, or compressibility; generate relative permeability relationships; or assess enhanced oil recovery strategies. Technology has improved sampling by making it faster, more accurate, and cost-effective.

New Frontiers in Directional Drilling

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Operating companies can optimize hydrocarbon production and recovery only by drilling wells in the best field locations. In the past, drilling was as much an art as a science. In many cases, drilling operations relied on personal skill and judgment—key decisions were made with only a limited understanding of the subsurface. Today, drilling engineers can call upon a wealth of information and advanced techniques that eliminate much of the guesswork.

Reliance in India—The Power of Innovation

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In October 2002, Reliance Industries, India’s largest private-sector company, and its partner, Canadian independent Niko Resources, announced a worldclass, giant, deepwater gas discovery 20 km offshore in the Krishna Godavari basin on block KG-DWN-98/3.