ToolPlanner Job-Planning Application

Planning software for wireline and LWD services

The ToolPlanner application is written in Java and provides job planning support for various wireline and LWD services. For each service, the user enters parameters describing expected logging conditions, formation parameters, and desired results. The calculations performed and the displayed results are specific to the selected services. For example, the CMR planner outputs a suggested logging speed and a recommended set of parameters to set in the acquisition system, as well as plots that demonstrate the expected spread of results caused by uncertainties in the input formation properties.

Available only for PCs, once ToolPlanner software has been downloaded and installed, it can be subsequently run without an Internet connection. However, a Web browser is required to view the “Help” information. The software is licensed for 6 months from installation, after which a new version must be downloaded and installed.

ToolPlanner Notes

ToolPlanner 4.1 is temporarily unavailable.
A new version will be available March 2015.

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