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Feb 2017Compact MD-2 Shaker Configuration Outperforms Traditional Shaker Setup in Dukhan Field, Qatar Cuttings ManagementMiddle East
Feb 2017Fluid and Cuttings Separator Reduces Mud Retention on Cuttings 32%, Saving USD 1,497 per Day Solids Control Systems & ProductsUnited States
Feb 2017SCREEN PULSE Separator and MONGOOSE PRO Shaker Reduce Mud on Cuttings by 38%, Onshore Argentina Solids Control Systems & ProductsSouth America
Feb 2017FLOPRO NT Fluid and WELLZYME Enzymes Maximize Production in North Sea Well Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsNorth Sea
Feb 2017DRILPLEX AR PLUS System Solves Lost Circulation Problems While Drilling Two Upper Intervals, Russia Drilling Fluids & SystemsRussia and Central Asia
Feb 2017Operator Prevents Foaming During Perforation Drilling Fluids & SystemsContinental Europe 
Feb 2017At Low Concentration, DEFOAM EXTRA Defoamer Outperforms Conventional Additive on North Slope Drilling Fluids & SystemsUnited States
Feb 2017DEFOAM EXTRA Defoamer Prevents, Eliminates Foam in Formate-Base RDF for Entire Six-Well Campaign Drilling Fluids & SystemsAustralia and Indonesia
Feb 2017BHA with MUDGARD Filter Drills Extended-Reach Well to TD in a Single Run Completions ProductsSouth America
Jan 2017WELL COMMISSIONER Tool Helps Oman Operator Save 2.6 Rig Days While Cleaning Four Wells Completion AccessoriesMiddle East
Jan 2017StethoScope Service Reveals Reservoir Connectivity, Confirms Oil Presence in Carbonate Field Directional, MWD & LWDNorth Africa
Jan 2017CNPC AktobeMunaiGas Maps Reservoir and Exceeds Production Expectations with PeriScope HD Service Directional, MWD & LWDRussia and Central Asia
Jan 2017RSP Permian LLC Improves ROP 35% by Using AxeBlade Bit Through Multiple Formations, Texas Drill BitsUnited States
Jan 2017BREAKDOWN Breaker System and D-SOLVER D Agent Deliver 4,000 bbl/d Injection Rate Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsSouth America
Jan 2017Elastomer Change Increases Pump Run Life More Than 8-Fold in High-GOR Well Artificial LiftSouth America
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