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Sep 2017First Application of FLOPRO NT Fluid in South Fuwaris Field Triples Flow Rate Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsMiddle East
Sep 2017MAGNOGARD Magnet Captures 82% of Total Ferrous Debris Recovered in Azerbaijan Well Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsRussia and Central Asia
Sep 2017CNOOC Drills Through ZOE with Near-Pinpoint Trajectory Control in East China Sea Directional, MWD & LWDRussia and Central Asia
Sep 2017MaxFORTE System Delivers Jubarte Field's Highest Production Rates Artificial LiftSouth America
Sep 2017Petrobras Improves Well Placement Using RSS Technology and Gyrosteering Capability Directional, MWD & LWDSouth America
Sep 2017Operator Drills Longest Lateral Interval in the Permian Basin Using PowerDrive Orbit RSS Directional, MWD & LWDUnited States
Aug 2017More Than 11,000 WellWatcher Permanent Monitoring System Gauges Deployed in 50 Countries Worldwide Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
Aug 2017PowerDrive vorteX RSS and Motor with Powerlast Elastomer Drills to TD in a Single Trip, Increases ROP 20%  Directional, MWD & LWDMiddle East
Jul 2017WELL COMMANDER Circulating Valve Boosts Annular Velocities and Enhances Hole Cleaning Efficiency Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsRussia and Central Asia
Jul 2017More Than 1,300 Tubing-Retrievable Flow Control Valves Deployed in 23 Countries Worldwide Intelligent Completions 
Jul 201731% Increase in ESP Uptime Across Multiple Fields with 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring, Middle East  Artificial LiftMiddle East
Jun 2017PYRISOL Dissolver Helps OMV Petrom Restore Full Production to ESP-Equipped Oil Well, Romania Production Chemicals & TreatmentContinental Europe
Jun 2017MAGNOGARD Magnet Removes Average of 68.2 lbm of Ferrous Debris from Wellbore Completion Systems, Fluids & Tools 
Jun 2017PRIMO-FAZE Nonaqueous RDF System Solves Filtercake Cleanup Concerns, Offshore Norway Completions ProductsNorth Sea
Jun 2017PRIMO-SWELL System Mitigates Well Control Issues and Improves Completion Efficiency, Asia Completion Systems, Fluids & ToolsSouth and East Asia
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