Tech Report: MaxFORTE System Delivers Jubarte Field's Highest Production Rates

Deepwater wells produce more than 100 million bbl of fluid after start-up and an average of 137,000 bbl/d

MaxFORTE System Delivers Jubarte Field's Highest Production Rates

Publication Date: 09/11/2017

Petrobras chose Schlumberger to design and develop 15 reliable, high-horsepower ESP systems to meet the dramatic pressure and temperature swings of the Jubarte deepwater wells and minimize offshore installation operations.

A 1,500-hp MaxFORTE system was designed for extended run life in the Jubarte wells. As part of the system design, a Trident MLE was connected to the wet-mate connectors onshore, eliminating the splices and stresses that shorten run life in conventional systems. Lift IQ service provides expert control and constant monitoring of downhole parameters to maintain efficient operation, eliminating the need for time-consuming shutdowns and restarts.

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