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Welcome to our technical paper archive, which offers a wealth of experience and insight into 50+ years of petroleum solutions. Many of these papers have been authored by Schlumberger. They are provided free of charge to our Premium Content subscribers. Please review the Technical Paper Download Terms & Conditions prior to accessing the papers.

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Date Title Challenge SrvLine/Func Society File
Jun 2014North Sea Case Study for Enhanced Imaging Using a New Multimeasurement Towed Streamer  Marine Seismic AcquisitionEAGE
Jun 2014Integration of Surface Seismic and Well Information to Improve Drilling Success for Onshore Carbonate Caves Carbonates Drilling Engineering & Modeling ,
Data Interpretation Services,
Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services
Jun 2014A Study of Different Greedy Algorithms for Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Towed Marine Data  Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services EAGE
Jun 2014How to Teach a Neural Network to Identify Seismic Interference  Seismic Data ProcessingEAGE
Jun 2014Quantification of Wavefield Reconstruction Quality from Multisensor Streamer Data Using a Witness Streamer Experiment  Marine Seismic AcquisitionEAGE
Jun 2014Joint Crossline Reconstruction and 3D Deghosting of Shallow Seismic Events from Multimeasurement Streamer Data  Marine Seismic AcquisitionEAGE
Jun 2014Petrophysical Evaluation of Unconventional Najmah Formation of Kuwait Exploration EAGE
Jun 2014Improved Reservoir Characterisation by Multisensor Towed Streamer Seismic Data at the Mariner Field Heavy Oil Marine Seismic AcquisitionEAGE
Jun 2014Exploring the Extent to which Streamer Separation Can Be Relaxed when Using a Multimeasurement Streamer  Marine Seismic AcquisitionEAGE
Jun 2014Mapping of Sand Injectites from Colour-Processed Multimeasurement Seismic Data  Seismic Data ProcessingEAGE
Jun 2014Understanding the Interplay of Fractures, Stresses and Facies in Unconventional Reservoirs - Case Study from Chad Granites Unconventional Resources Wireline Open HoleEAGE
Jun 2014Reservoir Characterization by Crosswell Seismic in Dom João Field, Brazil  Wireline Open HoleEAGE
Jun 2014Enhanced 4D Imaging in West Africa Using High-Resolution Tomography and Q-Imaging  Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services EAGE
Jun 2014Efficient Land Seismic Acquisition Sampling Using Rotational Data  Land Seismic AcquisitionEAGE
Jun 2014Near-Surface Modelling in Shallow Marine Environments Using Surface and Guided Waves  Geological & Geophysical Seismic Services EAGE
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