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Welcome to our technical paper archive, which offers a wealth of experience and insight into 50+ years of petroleum solutions. Many of these papers have been authored by Schlumberger. They are provided free of charge to our Premium Content subscribers. Please review the Technical Paper Download Terms & Conditions prior to accessing the papers.

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Apr 2014A Novel Completion Method for Sequenced Fracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale  StimulationSPE
Mar 2014Establishing New Directional Casing While Drilling Benchmarks Reduces Top Hole Well Construction Costs, Offshore Malaysia  Specialty Drilling ApplicationsOTC
Mar 2014First Application of Turbodrill and Hybrid Bit to Optimize Drilling Times in Cretaceous Formations with High Chert Content in Mexico South Region  Drill Bits,
Directional, MWD & LWD
Mar 2014A Comprehensive Experimental Study on Wellbore Strengthening  SPE
Mar 2014Effective Hydraulic Modeling and Field Data for Deepwater Horizontal Well With Low Drilling Margins in Unconsolidated Formation  SPE
Mar 2014Alternative Drilling Fluid Weighting Agents: A Comprehensive Study on Ilmenite and Hematite  Drilling Fluids & SystemsSPE
Mar 2014Automated MPD and an Engineered Solution: Case Histories from Western Canada  MPD & UBDSPE
Mar 2014HP/HT Exploration Well in Offshore Malaysia Pushed Automated MPD System to Maximum Utilization, Identifying Safest Drilling Operating Window High Pressure, High Temperature MPD & UBDSPE
Mar 2014Drill Cuttings Re-Injection Well Design and Completion: Best Practices and Lessons Learned   Drilling Waste ManagementSPE
Mar 2014A Step Change in Deepwater Test Operations with Downhole Wireless Telemetry Deep Water Well TestingSPE
Mar 2014Integrated BHA System Drills Curve/Lateral in One Run at Record ROP Saving Seven Days Rig Time Unconventional Resources Drill BitsSPE
Mar 2014Advanced FEA Modeling Produces First Directional Tandem Reamer BHA: Eliminates Trip on Deepwater Exploration Well  Drilling Tools & ServicesSPE
Mar 2014São Francisco Basin Tight Reservoir Play: Defining Benefits of Hammer Bit/Percussion Drilling, Onshore Brazil  Drill BitsSPE
Mar 2014First 30-in Casing Exit Enables Slot Recovery in Gulf of Suez’s East Zeit Field  Fishing & SidetrackingSPE
Mar 2014Innovative Drilling Systems for Kick-off, Curve Building, and Landing a Lateral Without Requiring Cement Plug  Drilling Tools & ServicesSPE
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