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Welcome to our technical paper archive, which offers a wealth of experience and insight into 50+ years of petroleum solutions. Many of these papers have been authored by Schlumberger. They are provided free of charge to our Premium Content subscribers. Please review the Technical Paper Download Terms & Conditions prior to accessing the papers.

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May 2017Low-Temperature Dispersant Improves Cement Slurry Properties in Deepwater Operations Deep Water CementingOTC
May 2017An Innovative Damper for Subsea Pipeline and Jumper Vibration Controls  SubseaOTC
May 2017Qualification and Development of the World's First High Pressure Subsea Boosting System for the Jack and St. Malo Field Development Deep Water SubseaOTC
May 2017Cost-Effective HPHT Design Methods Using External and Seawater Depth Pressures High Pressure, High Temperature SubseaOTC
May 2017Wellhead Design for Fatigue Optimization  SubseaOTC
May 2017Subsea Smart Crossing—An Innovative Solution to Simplify Field Architecture and Enable Cost Effective Installations of Subsea Pipelines for Long-Tie Backs, Scarp and Canyon Crossings, and Ultra-Deepwater Applications Deep Water SubseaOTC
May 2017A Practical Approach to Multiwell Decommissioning Deep Water CementingOTC
May 2017Use of Surfactant in Cement Slurry to Mitigate Incompatibility with Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluids Deep Water CementingOTC
May 2017Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnoses on Deepwater Cement Barrier Placement: Case Studies from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Canada Deep Water CementingOTC
Apr 2017First Successful Experience of Hardened Stages for Sandy Wells at Northern Llanos Field, Case History  Artificial LiftSPE
Apr 2017Revolutionary Drilling Performance in Challenging HPHT and Basaltic Environment of Kutch & Saurashtra Exploration Field High Pressure, High Temperature Drill BitsSPE
Apr 2017Conical Diamond Element Technology Delivers Step Change in Drilling Performance: Wassana Field, Gulf of Thailand  Drill BitsSPE
Mar 2017Integrated and Longest Directional Casing While Drilling Mitigates Hole Problems and Improves Drilling Performance While Saving Drilling Time  Specialty Drilling ApplicationsIADC
Mar 2017Changing the Chalk Drilling Paradigm in the Netherlands  Drill BitsIADC
Mar 2017Unique Approach to Bit Design Coupled with Innovative Rolling PDC Cutter Sets New Performance Benchmark Drilling Extremely Abrasive Sandstone Formations, Usinsk Region Russia  Drill BitsSPE
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