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Welcome to our technical paper archive, which offers a wealth of experience and insight into 50+ years of petroleum solutions. Many of these papers have been authored by Schlumberger. They are provided free of charge to our Premium Content subscribers. Please review the Technical Paper Download Terms & Conditions prior to accessing the papers.

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Mar 2016A Novel Workflow for Modeling Complex Compartmentalized Structures Leads to Enhanced Field Development Strategy  Reservoir Characterization SoftwareOTC
Mar 2016New Wireline Extreme Pull Systems Reduce Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Fishing Incidents Saving Operators 12 Days of Deepwater Rig Time and USD 9 Million Deep Water Wireline Open HoleIADC
Mar 2016Innovative Conical Diamond Element Bit Significantly Reduces Drilling Cost of Williston Basin Three Forks First Bench Laterals Unconventional Resources Drill BitsSPE
Mar 2016Conical Diamond Element Enables PDC Bit Efficiently Drill Chert Interval at High ROP Replacing Turbine/Impregnated BHA  Drill BitsSPE
Mar 2016Downhole Drilling Dynamics of Innovative Rathole Elimination BHA in Hole-Enlargement-While-Drilling Operations  Drilling Tools & ServicesSPE
Feb 2016Advanced Modeling of Interwell Fracturing Interference: An Eagle Ford Shale Oil Study - Refracturing Unconventional Resources StimulationSPE
Feb 2016Understanding the Applicability and Economic Viability of Refracturing Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Plays Unconventional Resources StimulationSPE
Jan 2016Innovative Rolling Cutter Technology Significantly Improved Footage and ROP in Lateral and Vertical Gas Applications in Saudi Arabia  Drilling Fluids & SystemsSPE
Jan 2016Directional Casing While Drilling (CwD) Reestablished as Viable Technology in Saudi Arabia Unconventional Resources Directional, MWD & LWDIADC
Dec 2015Increasing Drilling Efficiency in Saudi Arabia Gas Development Project: Consistent Incremental Gains Significantly Improve Project Economics  Drill BitsSPE
Nov 2015Conical Diamond Element Bit on High-Torque RSS Mitigates Vibration Maximizing ROP in Hard Carbonates Saving 90 Hours of Rig Time, Offshore Mexico Deep Water Drill BitsSPE
Nov 2015New techniques Aimed at Facilitating Application of Directional Casing Drilling in Ecuador  Directional, MWD & LWDSPE
Nov 2015Advanced Drilling and Logging Technologies Give New Life to Aging Fields in Ecuador by Enabling Reentry Drilling  Drill BitsSPE
Nov 2015Durable Yet Aggressive Conical Diamond Element Bit Increases ROB by 34% Drilling Difficult Lower Chert/Conglomerate Section, Ecuador Unconventional Resources Drill BitsSPE
Nov 2015Measuring Completion Quality and Natural Fracture Indicators in Horizontal Wells Using a New Slim Dipole Sonic Memory Tool Conveyed Through the Drillstring and Bit  Reservoir Characterization Software,
Wireline Open Hole
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