Technical Paper: Using Down-Hole Control Valves to Sustain Oil Production From the First Maximum Reservoir Contact, Multilateral and Smart Well in Ghawar Field: Case Study

Society: Other
Paper Number: 11630
Presentation Date: 2007


This paper describes a case-study detailing planning, completion, testing, and production of the first Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC), Multilateral (ML) and Smart Completion (SC) deployment in Ghawar Field. The well was drilled and completed as a proof of concept. It was completed as a trilateral and was equipped with a SC that encompasses surface remotely controlled hydraulic tubing retrievable advanced system coupled with pressure and temperature monitoring system.

The SC provides isolation and down hole control of commingled production from the laterals. Using the variable positions flow control valve, the well was managed to improve and sustain oil production by eliminating water production. Monitoring the rate and the flowing pressure in real time allowed producing the well optimally. The appraisal and acceptance loop of the completion has been closed by having this well completed, put on production and tested. Approval of the concept was achieved when the anticipated benefits were realized by monitoring the actual performance of the well.

Leveraged knowledge from this pilot has provided an insight into SC capabilities and implementation. Moreover, it has set the stage for other developments within Saudi Aramco.

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