IPM Rig Management

The IPM rig management group provides specialist rig management to IPM projects and oil and gas operators worldwide. Our rig fleets are currently operating in Brunei, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, and Venezuela. We also have joint-venture ownership in the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC), Sahara Well Construction Services, and Saxon Energy Services; operating in Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Our combined fleet currently consists of 157 land rigs and 13 offshore barges/jack-ups.

Our specialties are

  • light, highly mobile land rigs
  • technologically advanced rigs
  • medium to heavy rigs operating in remote or hostile environments.

Commitment to innovative technology, advanced rigs, and process refinement

We are committed to advanced technology rigs, and push for automation and factory-drilling approaches. We have our own in-house engineering capabilities and strong relationships with third-party engineering firms, rig fabrication, and equipment supplier networks in the North American and Asian markets.

We operate locally under the brand names

  • Schlumberger Rig Management
  • PetroAlliance
  • Arabian Drilling Company
  • Sahara Well Construction Services
  • Saxon Energy Services.

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