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Overview Capabilities

When your business plan is focused on profitability, ePrime services, a business unit of the Schlumberger Project Management (SPM) team, offers the business process outsource (BPO) you need to keep your accounting system running smoothly. Our services are supported with state-of-the-art software and experienced personnel to handle any and all of your full-cycle E&P accounting needs. We also have the capability to provide assistance to service companies with their day-to-day operations and accounting needs.

With a proven track record of accuracy, efficiency, and most importantly, security, ePrime services can handle as many or as few of the accounting services you need. This is achieved in a constantly collaborative environment where you always have full access to your financial information. Our tier IV data center houses the system and data information.

We help you…

  • Comply with regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Manage financial risk
  • Improve performance and operational effectiveness
  • Maintain availability of accounting and other source documents at any project location or interface with electronic approval/imaging systems
  • Handle industry-specific functions such as joint-interest billing, revenue distributions, and severance taxes

Services Provided

We are committed to delivering excellence to your organization through our value-added services. All the business functions your company now manages in house can be outsourced to our experienced personnel. The ePrime services business unit offers a wide variety of services, such as, but not limited to

  • Revenue Distribution and Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Joint Interest Billing and Property Management
  • Financial Reporting – including Accounts Receivable
  • Treasury Functions
  • Regulatory Reporting and Tracking
  • Land Records/Division Order Processing
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Software Hosting and IT/DBA Support

Confidentiality equipment and data are housed in a highly secure, tier IV facility with complete redundancy on power, cooling, and bandwidth. The data center, located in Bryan, Texas, is SSAE 16 certified. Security of information is a cornerstone of Schlumberger’s integrity, and the separation of data transfer between ePrime services and the other Schlumberger segments is clear and distinct. ePrime services assures our clients the highest levels of data security and confidentiality throughout all processes.


Our state-of-the-art technology is powered by the following software solutions:

  • Quorum Business Solutions
  • WolfePak Software

These software packages provide a new technology designed for the individual needs of clients. We will develop a plan with the software solution for you, regardless of the size of your company or operations. The systems also include process and workflow designs that enhance our capabilities to work faster and better for you. Both are integrated accounting systems in the oil and gas industry and are capable of custom-designed systems and reporting as needed.

Experience and Knowledge

At ePrime services, our people are the heart of our operation. Our controllers have many combined years of oil and gas accounting experience. In addition, our presence on the Texas A&M campus allows us access to the university’s resources, which provide an expandable or collapsible labor pool if needed.

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Accounting Expertise and Technology

Accounting Expertise and Technology
All the business functions your company now manages in-house can be outsourced to our experienced personnel.