Water Management for Mines

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Step change in subsurface technology for the mining industry

We serve the mining industry with practical water management, environmental, exploration, and production consulting solutions. Most of our more than 400 surface, underground, and solution mining projects worldwide have been routine services. However, when conditions require or would benefit from more innovative strategies, our experts and technology resources deliver the solutions that make everything work better.

Schlumberger assists mines in implementing innovative workflows to improve operational performance through improved understanding of subsurface conditions and implementation of practical solutions. Our highly experienced professional teams have provided surface water, groundwater, geochemistry, and water engineering consulting services and have developed fit-for-purpose solutions focused on mine water management and subsurface characterization.

We have developed a reputation for technical excellence; knowledge of our customers' needs; and a practical, results-oriented approach. Schlumberger’s history of innovation and track record of process enhancement can be the needed step change for improving overall mine profitability.

Mine Water Management

Mine Water Feasibility Studies

Mine Water Permitting and Compliance

Groundwater Flow and Transport Simulation

Mine Subsurface Characterization


Pit Slope Depressurization

Mine Pumping Services

Effective, full-scale dewatering design and discharge system to extend the life of dewatering systems.

Solution and In Situ Mining

Environmental Information Management

Heap Leach Monitoring

Geochemical and Waste Rock Assessment

Tailings Management

Mine Site Closure and Remediation

Related services and products

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids formulated for borehole stability, core quality.

Dewatering Pump Systems

Customized pumping systems ideal for mine dewatering.

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Directional Well Placement for Mine Dewatering Wins 2015 Technology Award

2015 Technology Award - Crossover of Directional Well Placement Technology Enhances Mine Dewatering
Two directionally placed dewatering wells in Arizona, USA, have produced significantly more water than older generation vertical in-pit wells, accelerating groundwater-level reduction within the ore deposit.
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Increase Recovery for Heap Leach Operations with Near-Real-Time Data

Heap Leach
Innovation and advanced measurement technology bring step change to heap monitoring. Read case study

Mine Water Supply Challenged by Highly Complex Site

Flood Risk Management
Innovative modeling approach and control structures minimize the environmental impact and support environmental philosophy.
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Well Placement Technology for Mine Dewatering

Mine dewatering services
Advanced dewatering technologies to overcome existing challenges. Download brochure (2.51 MB PDF)