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Remotely monitor, model, and manage well construction and production operations

Having situational awareness using wellsite data as it is being acquired provides the information necessary to instantly predict problems and make informed decisions, which leads to optimal performance, lower costs, and fewer risks.

Providing real-time data and answers to help customers get it right the first time is the core of our business. With significant investments in a global, real-time infrastructure, Schlumberger combines domain expertise, advanced processes, and leading technologies to remotely monitor, model, and manage well construction and production operations in real time, 24/7, regardless of location. We offer a full range of real-time-enabled products and services, providing instant data to make informed decisions and take immediate action when problems occur, reducing our customers' HSE exposure.

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Technical Papers
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Mar 2014 Unified Team Approach: Leveraging Real-Time Capabilities Reduces NPT While Enhancing HSE Effectiveness Real-Time Operations SPE
Apr 2013 Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells Unconventional Resources, Geomechanics, Real-Time Operations, Exploration Mangrove, ECS, OBMI, Sonic Scanner, MDT, AbrasiFRAC, HiWAY, StimMAP, Petrel SPE
Mar 2013 Utilizing Wired Drill Pipe Technology During Managed Pressure Drilling Operations to Maintain Direction Control, Constant Bottom-hole Pressures, and Wellbore Integrity in a Deep, Ultra-depleted Reservoir Deep Water, Real-Time Operations IADC
Sep 2012 Evolution of Multi-Mineral Formation Evaluation Using LWD Data in Complex Carbonates Offshore Brazil Carbonates, Deep Water, Real-Time Operations, Exploration IBP
Jun 2012 The Introduction of an At-Bit Natural Gamma Ray Imaging Tool Reduces Risk Associated with Real-Time Geosteering Decisions in Coalbed Methane Horizontal Wells Unconventional Resources, Real-Time Operations iPZIG SPWLA

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