Diagnostics & Interventions Services

Rapid response for decisions and troubleshooting from drilling to production

When operators require advice and recommendations during well construction and production operations, Schlumberger provides a global network of domain experts who integrate all available real-time data through predictive modeling to assist with difficult decisions.

Real-Time Drilling Geomechanics

Establish mud weight boundaries with wellbore stability and pore pressure analysis.

Well Placement and Trajectory

Increase reservoir contact and improve reservoir productivity with advanced formation evaluation technologies.

Drilling Optimization

Benefit from recommendations to improve downhole performance in real time based on measurement and analysis of surface parameters or automate the process.

ACTive Live Downhole Coiled Tubing Services

Elevate the performance of CT operations in various types of well configurations with real-time downhole measurements.

InSitu Fluid Analyzer System for Real-Time Downhole Fluid Analysis

Conduct real-time downhole fluid analysis using InSitu Fluid Analyzer integration of InSitu Family measurements and sensors with the modular MDT system.

Seismic-Guided Drilling Service

3D pore pressure and hazard prediction ahead of the bit while drilling.

Real-Time Well Testing

Remotely monitor, and manage your well test operations in real time, 24/7, regardless of location.

LiftWatcher Real-Time Surveillance Service

Get round-the-clock surveillance of artificial lift systems, even in locations where access is difficult or a data acquisition system is unavailable.

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Improve Well Placement with Integrated Seismic Data

Seismic guided drilling, the pre-drill and while-drilling update.
Integration of while-drilling well data and surface seismic data provides an updated earth description ahead of the bit and helps to reduce uncertainty in estimating seismic velocity models.
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Real-Time Downhole Fluid Analysis

InSitu Density
InSitu Family quantitative fluid properties measurements are made at reservoir conditions: density, composition, gas/oil ratio and condensate/gas ratio, CO2, color, fluorescence, and pH.
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