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Electronic memory recorders with quartz pressure sensors

Even in the most hostile downhole conditions, Signature quartz gauges are designed to deliver the best pressure data in any environment—for the duration of your test. With Signature gauges, you can explore beyond the near-wellbore area to obtain valuable information about permeability thickness, skin, boundaries, and volumes in extreme HPHT reservoirs.

High-quality pressure measurements in all reservoir testing environments

Whether testing operations involve high temperatures rising to 410 degF, high pressures reaching 30,000 psi, or any other rugged downhole conditions, Signature gauges acquire high-quality pressure data for the duration of your test. Flexible data acquisition rates, greater memory capacity, and low power consumption allow you to run detailed tests for longer to reveal the finer features of your reservoir.

Wireless delivery of pressure data

Signature gauges, when running as part of the Quartet downhole reservoir testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry, let you obtain real-time pressure measurements while monitoring and controlling your downhole reservoir test. Enabling the string with wireless telemetry brings bidirectional communication to your test for real-time pressure data verification and better-informed decision making.

Engineered for extreme environments

Signature quartz gauges deliver continuous high-resolution pressure measurements in all operating conditions.

  • 100%-ceramic-based electronics and proprietary battery design provide reliable performance in high-temperature environments while maintaining high resolution
  • Durable, robust packaging resists high pressures and shock
  • Flexible acquisition rates and large memory capacity easily accommodate long-duration tests and ensure service life of up to 1 year

Complementary downhole configuration

Run Signature quartz gauges as part of the Quartet-HT high-temperature downhole reservoir testing system or the Quartet system enabled by Muzic telemetry. These systems deliver the highest-quality pressure measurements and representative fluid samples with maximum safety and efficiency for altogether higher-performance reservoir testing.

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