Testing: Development

Confirm Well Performance

Confirming exactly how each well will perform relies on obtaining accurate information and feedback throughout the well's construction. Schlumberger has developed technologies and measurements with unmatched levels of resolution, speed, and accuracy to help answer a wide variety of development questions.

From initial design to well delivery, Schlumberger can help you combine all of your completion, perforating, and cleanup considerations in a comprehensive, coordinated approach. We work with you to help design and validate the results of your development activities. To characterize formation damage. To optimize the design and performance of your well's perforations. To verify cleanup success.

At the same time, initial measurements of flow, fluid properties, composition, pressure, and temperature provide baseline data to help you evaluate each well's performance as production progresses and deliver maximum connectivity to the reservoir and minimum resistance along the flow path.

Choose from the broadest portfolio of downhole and surface testing services available from a single source. Using leading technologies to deliver a range of unique measurements, Schlumberger teams combine field-proven testing experience with reservoir-domain expertise that adds value to every test.Each service is designed to be reliable in the most challenging scenarios and to provide the flexibility and accessibility your operations demand.

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