Completion Products

Basic tools to high-value-driven systems and services

Our wide-ranging portfolio addresses the technical requirements for any type of completion. Our completion products are designed to integrate seamlessly into the completion and help you maximize recovery.

Multistage Stimulation Systems

Liner Hanger Systems

Isolation Valves


Safety Valves

Completion Accessories

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Isolate and Stimulate Multiple Zones Continuously

Falcon System
The Falcon multistage stimulation system for uncemented wells stimulates many stages in sequence, minimizing downhole trips, reducing downtime between stages, and lowering the amount of fluids and proppant needed. Visit Falcon System page

Patented Material Degrades Fully and Predictably

Degradable alloy
Frac balls made of high-strength, impact-resistant material using ELEMENTAL degradable technology disintegrate into a fine powder that does not interfere with production. Visit ELEMENTAL Degradable Technology page