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Advanced line of technologies to optimize fluid purity

M-I SWACO offers the industry’s newest, safest, and most advanced line filtration units and associated technologies. Our state-of-the-art filtration products are designed specifically to optimize fluid purity, which is critical to maximum production.

Onshore or offshore, we customize filtration packages and associated technologies to meet specific well specifications and parameters. The prevailing objective of our filtration products is ensuring that suspended solids are removed safely and cleanly from the completion brine.  

Between the newest filtration units in the industry and the advanced training that our field specialists receive help minimize health, safety, and environment (HSE) risks.

Our wide-ranging line of filtration products are engineered to 

  • improve recovery of completion fluids and brines
  • avoid blocked formation pores and perforations
  • prevent solids accumulation in the well annulus
  • safeguard the completion assembly from particle settlement
  • meet discharge compliance legislation
  • optimize well performance.

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